Posted by Akhil George in Society
February 5, 2017

Culture is a complex institution. The cultural operating system is the most successful mass manipulation that ever evolved into a complex institution to sustain the sinister organization known as society. Society- It disempowers you, it insults you, it uses and abuses you. The culture takes over consciousness and later the consciousness enslaves you into abiding the cultural rules and regulations. The cultural intoxication has enslaved society in the most complex ways like consumer capitalism, that makes an individual stay in an everlasting loop.

This cultural perversion has successfully fetishisized objects and injected it into the world. This manipulation has poisoned even the basic elements of individualism, like the perceptions of evil. What is evil? The definition of evil is hijacked by religious fundamentalism and even the secular societies equate it with cultural deviations. The preference of an artificial order over the natural way of life is even fed through secular institutions. The definitions of good and evil are subjective, and the societal definitions of good and evil hinder individual analyzing capability. Culture is a closed system that deviates you from self exploration by creating a delusion of cultural exploration and alienation. It has successfully placed an ‘exploration border’. It doesn’t matter how much you travel or alter – your mind is always intoxicated when you’re tied down to a cultural notion of the world

The culture-intoxicated consciousness prevents explicit living experiences from changing the way of life because at the end of the day you are crucified to your cultural identity. The first step of enlightenment will be to break free from this hollow system of values. Culture and ideologies strive on ignorance. Instead of feeling one with the universe, it has alienated us from it.


Image Source : Connor Tarter/Flickr