Condemnation Vs Moral Victory: Who Cares:hummanity In Kashmir

Posted by Bhat Auqif
February 8, 2017

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Kashmiriyat And Haiwaaniyat are mixing in Kashmir…

But Believe me Kashmiriyat Will Win

Because of its Insaaniyat….

An already phlebotomized soul was inspired by an article in GreaterKashmir ‘Pheran Please’ by brother Shah Zahid Iqbal to express and publish my feelings, which will be shared by the majority.

2016, which recently left us will not be easy to forget. It will be remembered each and every time as it is a special kind of historical one can erase or fade it from us. Not even by five percent formula or words like ‘condemned the killings’,’talent’,’moral victory’ ,’by anyones vision ‘, etc. It isn’t like the history in books, magazines & papers, but reflected by grief, graves, blind eyes, battue rivers & jungles, grim saffron fields, deserted playgrounds, schools, colleges & universities, the sorrowful festivals & faces, hearts & minds of the victims & thier alliances. Now that the history is in everyone’s chest but with a variety.

For non-victims or common folk, it was just an episode of killings, curfew, lockdown & stone pelting.

But, for many mothers, it was a death which is coursing through their body even today and they are living with it.

For a sister, it was a brutal episode in which their best friend was robbed from them, forever.

For some children, it was a barbarous giant who snatched their Idhiyan

For a father, it was a drug which ruined him intrinsically with a lifetime of suffering.

Looking From a politician’s point of view it was an unusual, unofficial, well-spaced vacation.

So, for the ruling party, it was like a confusing lightning and the opposition took it as an opportunity to fix the blame on the former.

For high-end administrative personalities it came out to be a favourable circumstance set to use their authority & signatures for PSA Detentions & other such related tasks.

Finally in case of separatists, it was a tremendous moral victory, big enough to bring about a revolution.

But nobody really has a concern for all the affected people in this scenario. Take, for instance, the mother of a martyr whom people praise only as ‘proud mother’.

Nobody except her, has the courage to withstand the pain of sudden separation from her loved one, while feeling proud.

Even sometimes her home, is devoid of the fundamental necessities of life & survival.

Alas! Consider the sister without her brother, to look after and find her a good life partner.

Even she pretends to transcend it and feel gallant.

The widow, who has few means of earning for life, except to work in every condition, whether she likes or hates it.

The children who will not enjoy or even see new dresses to wear, toys to play & chocolates to taste.

In the meantime, the same society will use them.

Lastly, the father who has to solicit and supplicate for his family.

Yes, openly, we all supported the resistance movement. Now, it doesn’t mean that we use the touched ones as shields, as mentioned by the ruling section.The political and administrative division also condemned the killings.Unfortunately, it didn’t yield anything.

Now there is hope. We have to take the responsibilities of these swindled families on our own. Who will act? Difficult to guess, as we people are good at discussions, debates, criticism & slander detraction.

Also, we have to transform to a better level thinking and mindset, in order to free ourselves from this periodic hassle so that we together direct the course on the untangled path towards our goal.

Otherwise, it is us, who are responsible for this extended span of rigorousness, hardships and suffering.

Bhat Auqif Hassan

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