Copy of Why I’m Proud To Have Studied In This Women’s Engineering College

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February 2, 2017

By Akshaya Srivastava:

The first day I entered this University, I knew the journey would be long and satisfying. Running around in a frenzy to complete my registrations with regards to the admission procedure, I hurriedly glanced at the buildings where my future was to be made and decided.

Coming from Mumbai, and having attended a brief college session there before, the tag of an ‘All Girls Technical University’ came with a few hesitations. But once you are in, you gradually settle and realise every point of that hesitation was just a figment of your imagination.

You discover a world which looks the same from the outside, yet is different in many layers and ways.

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women,” is what I say with pride when asked where I study. Often, the most common response is, “All Girls – how will that be?” These questions don’t bother me now because I know exactly how it is.

It Is Empowering

Breathing, living and studying in an environment which encourages women engineers and budding professionals is empowering. At campus, we often come across our seniors and juniors who keep on pushing the hurdles to achieve success and lead the major cultural and technical societies with flair. Whether it be ‘Hypnotics’, ‘Rahnuma’, ‘EDC’ or ‘Instinct’, every foundation is made by the women, for the women.

It Is Inspiring

Doubts and hesitations out of the window. Every student of IGDTUW has a plan and works towards the same. It is always inspiring to see girls take on their aspirations and responsibilities. If there had been no Rashmeet Kaur, IGDTUW would not have had any alumna with a startup called ‘Spotlight’. If there had been no Anushka Rathi, the Rotoract society would never have been founded. If there had been no Esha Trivedi, IGDTUW would never have had a TEDx community. The list of inspiring individuals of IGDTUW doesn’t just cease here, it can go on and on! It is no wonder to let you all know – women of extreme calibre grow inside the confines of IGDTUW.

It Is Encouraging

Living in a society where women have been leaning in lately, setting examples for all the girls saying that we are capable, a parallel can be drawn here at the campus as well. In the campus, it is our own world, where we are the CEOs of our lives and drive it accordingly. We work and excel in our respective fields regardless of what the males have to say about us. We build cars from scratch, make robots with enthusiasm, design apps and software, like all the other engineering students at other universities.

We are no different than the others just because we study in a University for women, without the presence of men. This notion that engineering doesn’t suit women needs to break as soon as possible.

Another marvel to defy the stereotypes that are casted upon us is ‘Taarangana’ – the annual cultural fest of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, where not less than 400 girls of the college come together and work for months, only to ensure two days of magic and joyous spree for all its attendees. This cultural extravaganza is now to welcome its fourth edition on February 3 and 4.

‘Taarangana’, this time, has introduced a theme of “La Melange” and intends to take you to the famous carnivals and festivals from around the world, all replicated in the grandeur of the lush green campus of IGDTUW. With interesting competitions to tussle it out, and fun events to attend on the side, ‘Taarangana’ will proudly host the comic sensation Biswa Kalyan Rath, YouTube’s singing diva Shirley Setia and the famous DJ Zaeden. To know more, and for free passes, click here.


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