Crucial Need Of Feminism

Posted by Ayan Yunus
February 16, 2017

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Some people says why there is a need of feminism, women’s are misusing it, some of them take its meaning in another way. And some had never herd the “feminism ” name itself. I herd a man saying why government is providing a special seats in train, metro and bus reserved for ladies and reservation in education and panchayat elections.there is a reason behind it because patriarchy has suppressed women to this extinct that they are not ready come out in public and without any work they often not travel like mens so, these reservations inspire them, build confidence in them.. You feel the need of feminism by reading Some of the worst or overrated practice listed below :-
FGM ( female genital mutilation) A outdated and heinous practise of cutting some or all of the female external genitalia. It is done to control the women’s sexuality and concept of maintaining purity nd modesty. A total Human Rights Violation, How can anyone curve any women’s sexual desire ?How can society judge or measure the purity on the ground of sexuality ? Are the people who practise this are insane don’t they can see/feel the pain of their own child?

Medical sciences has proven that mensuration is a healthy cycle. But in India it is a taboo as indian women who have their periods are seen as impure and they suffer a lot of sequesteration . They are restricted to enter in temples during those time and even some places like sabrimala temple nd shani shingnapur temple banned entry of women. Women in india hesitate to talk about it nd about 70% of educated indian women demands shopkeeper to wrap sanitary pads or tampons in newspaper , brownpaper or in a non transparent polybag. Many of the women dont have the idea how to maintain hygiene or deal with those days problem and they are so shy about that they hardly discuss it with any person and discussing it with male is a taboo. Time has arrived to change these myths. Discuss it , Demand pads like any other thing , Do not cover it as it is obvious everyone knows you use it.
‌Some of the Indian marriage hypocrisy :-
1) Boy should have higher studies as compared to his Girl.
2)Boy must have to be older than Girl.
3)Boy must have to be taller than Girl.
4)Girl should have to compromise with the place where she is working ,that means only she have to shift to her spouse town .
5) Girl have to own her husband’s surname after marriage.
6) Girl have to left her parental home , why can’t boys have to shift to his girl’s home !
Enough to say that we r still living in a patriarchal society. Aren’t we ?

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