Curse Of Ignorance

Posted by sanika athavale
February 26, 2017

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Issues plaguing our society, are increasing by the day. Yet, nothing seems to awaken our sleeping minds and self indulgent consciences. Why?


You wake in your bed which has been warmed by a thick quilt and look outside your middle class window with your middle class mind

You go through your day as you relish the standard breakfast that the females of your house prepared and grab the bag supporting your regular functions – containing a bottle filled to its brim with clean drinking water; a box that holds captive the aroma of freshly made paranthas which will soothe your olfactory cravings at 1 PM; a book and a pen that are representative symbols of the education you have received; and a wallet that provides you access to the privileges you enjoy

As you travel and live your day..

Do you notice that there are areas neighbouring yours, where large transportation vehicles supply gallons of the same liquid that casually rests in your bottle?

Do you see that the home cooked delicacies you savoured last night are being excavated from the trash bins placed at the corner of your street by those who labour for a morsel everyday?

Do you realise that the books you sold to the raddi-wala are being looked at with teary eyes by the children of the masons building the structure you will call home?

Do you read your newspapers that scream for and against the events altering the natural balance of this world?

Do you contemplate over the information that the media manipulates?

Do you wonder why the insensitive humour and commentary of your friends is taken so lightly, when the dangers of apathetic mockery are well known?

Do you stress when you feel the summer’s heat on a winter’s day and unseasonal rainfall in the month of February?

Why my dear friend, do these happenings not stir you?

Why don’t they push you into action when these atrocities take place in front of your eyes, every single day?

Enlighten me with the benefit your oblivious mind, blind eye, deaf ear and voluntarily muzzled mouth bring

Does it reduce the contribution to the noise, already deafening the populace? Or save commoners like yourself from the ever increasing pandemonium of activism?

No, your silence doesn’t help anyone living and your indifferent stupor is no boon to humanity

It is a curse

A curse of ignorance that your parents cast on you, who had it cast on them by their parents and so on

It is the result of contagious complacency that contaminates the mind of every person living in your space

Will you cast the same curse on your children and subject them to a life of despondency because your generation was a silent spectator to the world’s suffering?

Or will you gift them a full life of abundance because it was your generation who took stock of the abysmal situation it found itself in?

It isn’t late my friend as you and I can turn the tables

We can be the light at the end of the tunnel and the rejuvenating rain

It will only take some will and strength to undo the curse of ignorance that plagues the world we live in today

To begin with, let’s start noticing and quit ignoring


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