Posted by nishi sharma
February 2, 2017

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Crossing the same lane daily and coming across almost the same people ,people having shops ,the stalls small shops ranging  with huge turnover of the month to stalls with not even enough turnover they can renovate few of the things like to have button in their unbuttoned shirts ,to bought the socks in such a chilly weather to protect them from winters forgot about the pair of shoes ,getting a new pair of decent pants not having tons of stitches due to its worn out condition ,the small cobbler sitting on the roadside in his eyes a big question mark weather he will be able to earn that much today so as to get evening meal ,small kids as rag pickers sorting out useful things I unuseful stuff discarded by the people, still they at times manage to have that light impression of smile on there face when they get something worthy , worthy for  them is a pair of shoes thrown by someone just because of a small hole in one ,see here there is a dual situation weather we should praise the kid who had thrown the pair as now the kid who had found is more happy than him or to critise him to discard them merely because of a hole ,

Similar on the street stands a man with his stall of groundnuts ,popcorn and few more stuff in the morning the stall almost half was full with popcorn and in the evening one can not make out the difference the condition was same not even few grams of them were sold off !! what will he do now , how is he able to earn his livelihood ,what about her family, he keep standing here all day and almost all night ,all day standing, what if the rain come ,or a strom ,what if he has to pee ??and tons of other question pop in mind .

Work hard, hard work pays the most common idiom heard and said by many !c’mon dude did u ever look at the rikshaw puller ,no one really work harder than him still what he land up with?? merely few penny not even sufficient for meeting his both end , see it can go on to this way also pissed away from the work and not getting satisfied responses the person lead towards wrong track he himself know its bad but just cant help it later doing bad stuff leading to end life most probably in jail .

The entire world is a game of probability everything is so uncertain ,it can be like you have no idea what life has for you as a present to surprise you the next moment can be our happiest moment , the saddest truth , may be the last moment no one knows ,this funda of probability is applicable everywhere in daily life to hypothetical condition its like maybe a day has started u went somewhere and by chance met someone and slowly the circumstances be like u decide to spend your entire life together ,may be  random conversaton lead to a lifelong argument with your best friend that you guys never talk in life again ,may be a small quarrel lead to lifelong hatred

In short all these may be constitute our life our surrounding and even our entire life.

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