Dear BJP: Homophobia is a Western Import

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February 15, 2017

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Hinduism Celebrates Homosexuality

For a party that prides itself of “Indian Quality” and “protecting Hindu values”, it seems that BJP falls far short of it’s own intended cause-celebre. Why is it that India’s leading middle class political party refuses to defend sexual minorities?

The notion of a center-right party that promotes homophobia is something intended for the political axis of Europe [1], and not for countries based on different ideologies and cultures; any well-educated person would tell you that homophobia was a western import [2], and not something that’s indigenous to Indian culture.

This continent has celebrated homosexuality for centuries prior to the invasions of colonialists from Europe, as can be seen from records detailing the ‘sins’ of homosexual lawmakers [3] and homosexual art [4]. And there is nothing in the texts of Hinduism [5] that forbids sex with the same gender for homosexuals, just for priests and married men (along with a variety of other types of sex including heterosexual).

A party backed by strong Hindu ethos would be appalled at any attack on the basic human rights [6] of Indians and Hindus, including the rights of sexual minorities.



  [1]: “Christian Democracy”

“The sin of sodomy is so prevalent… that it makes us very afraid to live there. And if one of the principle men of the kingdom is questioned about if they are not ashamed to do such a thing as ugly and dirty, to this they respond that they do everything that they see the king doing, because that is the custom among them.”


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