How I Chose Journalism Over Dentistry

Posted by Snehal Shrivastava
February 4, 2017

From dentistry I moved to journalism.

Every time a matrimonial proposal for a typical arranged marriage comes in, I am asked a gazillion times, “Pagal hai kya? BDS karke news reporter ban gai hai? (Is she mad? Having done her BDS, she has become a journalist?)”

But the best part is I love the answer I give them , “Its my life, I am so glad I don’t give a shit about what you think!”

Like any other science topper, I unfortunately scored some 92 in physics and got misguided by these idiotic CBSE numbers that I was meant for science. All my life!

I got an all India rank of 2,400 and got a seat in BDS. I went for it. I was busy with people’s oral cavities for a good 5 years, when suddenly in my final year, a bell rang in my head. It thought to myself, “What the hell are you doing? Go and do what you like at least now!”
So, while my dentistry batch mates did their MDS, I did my post graduation in English journalism from IIMC and got placed in news channels.
I did live bulletins for news channels, I reported stories of road conditions, I did voice overs and then finally realized what a doofus I had been in taking 5 long years to realize what I really wanted to do in life. But, its better late than never. Even though there are struggles now, I am glad I am passionate about what I do. My parents are worried though, on how they would find a groom for a crazy girl like me. But I no longer care about “log kya kahenge (what people will say)”!
Life is good now that I have chosen the nib over the needles. Even if it took me 5 years to do this!