Dreaming of KFC: The not-so-lucky Kids of Guwahati

Posted by Sid Baliga
February 16, 2017

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Going to KFC, McDonald and other fast food joints could be a normal routine for most of us as we hop in to grab a quick bite while juggling between tasks. I dont represent either of these brands nor do I intend debating on the nutritional benefits of having their food. But what is worthy to note is that we don’t bat an eyelid before walking into any dazzling shopping mall or a fast food joint.

What is normal for us is an aspiration for many-that is what we fail to realize in the corporate rat race to success. Has anyone noticed the young generation that is equally aspirational as we are, yearn to go beyond their dingy homes (or sometimes streets) and be one amongst the so-called-privileged class. While we want our kids to go to premium schools and hog on to all the junk food that makes them nothing more than couch potatoes, we really don’t turn around and see the kids outside the malls who can only dream of even entering these places, leave alone buy something.

Underprivileged is a broad term and as per publicly available data, underprivileged kids in India comprise of homeless/street kids with no families, kids who live on streets but are in touch with their economically downtrodden families, abandoned kids living in NGOs and kids living at home but belonging to poor families.

On my recent official trip to Guwahati, I was catching up with my colleagues Biju and Mridul at KFC when we noticed these kids hanging around very close to the outlet. Also present was noted veteran performing artist Lou Majaw.  I felt restless as I thought of those kids outside while we hogged onto the rice bowls and burgers. We thought of doing our bit for these kids. Our organization People Combine Education Group that runs brands such as Vikas Vidyaniketan, (Visakhapatnam), Oakridge International School etc is anyway always on the forefront to support social outreach programs and encourages initiatives aimed at spreading happiness and helping the underprivileged


We invited more than a dozen kids inside and provided them with different foods at KFC. While I wont say this was a perfectly nutritious or healthy meal, we definitely made their day and brought a smile on their faces. Can we all pledge to do our bit and take up one such initiative at least once in 3 months? My organization supports such programs. I am sure yours will do as well.


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