Eye Opener Incident Of My Life

Posted by Shaikh siddiqa
February 21, 2017

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  • Hi frndz..wanna share a part of my life..m a dark complexion girl..and. we live  in such a society if girl is dark she has to face many problems and gifted with worst nicknames like kali kalloti n many more from our belovd frnds n siblings..as i grwn up wid age infriorty complex too grown up in me which is quite natural.as i was doing my doctrate i was in hostel..one fine day i came to home for some festival..as i woke up den wat..i was not able to see anythng..literally means nothing..i had cried sooo badly..my parents n sisters rush to an expert doctor ..he said k she loses her vision..n it depends on drugs n dua ..n he said k if drug will work she will recover in 7 days..bt wat a month passed n i was complete blind..goddddd soooo horrrible experience..n drugs started its side effect n i had got into paralitic attack..no movements nothng..my family specially abba had not even changed his shirt for 1 month n he was like mad..he was praying like anythng..fasting for me..he cried beating his head on wall..n i can feel all dat things..dat tym i realized god had given us such a beautiful lyf with so important body parts..lyk complexion is nothng..i too prayd so hard dat i will never negotiate all dis things..after 3 months i startd recovering..n now i dont even give a fuck to complexion..i realize k i m a very luckkkkyy gal..wid so much loving dad n mom n family n frndds…all dis incident happen 1 year ago..now i m doing my post graduate..n m very happy..

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