Feminism: Decoded

Posted by Riya
February 20, 2017

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“..And the award for the most dreaded word of the century goes to, “Feminism”. No matter, how peculiar it sounds to me, the statement is applicable to thousands of people out there. You can find so many ‘well-educated’ people with hi-fi degrees commenting, “Yes, I believe in equality but please don’t call me a feminist.” Before reading further, let me give these people a surprise! Feminism equals Equality. Take your time to digest it, No worries.

I have seen many getting worried about Men’s rights especially when any woman gets vocal about issues that matter such as equal wage, safe space in public and much more. Poor souls, let me help you, just answer a query, “How right is to justify an injustice by channeling the issue towards a completely different path?” A few people get so tempted to justify a rape/harassment case by stating “Not All Men.” Thank you so much! On the behalf of the entire women community, I would like to thank you for behaving as a decent human and respecting others as a human being too.

Feminists want to eliminate Patriarchy. Isn’t it a well-known fact that Patriarchy hurts men too? You are supposed to be masculine, breadwinners of the family, strong and never to express your emotions. Please don’t commit the crime of crying in public, else get ready to hear, “kya ladkiyo jese ro yraha h”.  Crying is not an emotional outburst, in terms of our society, it is a sign of weakness, hence, belongs to women.
*slow claps* The next time you wear pink, get ready to get bullied. Besides, don’t you dare to be jobless ever. It is the biggest sin.

To the LGBTQ community out there, we are with you too! We preach equality of everyone irrespective of anything. If our enemy is same, then why aren’t we all working as a team? Instead of coming forward and creating a gender sensitive society, why are we justifying wrong acts? Think.

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