Posted by crazy doc sushil bj
February 18, 2017

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sometime the different emotion runs on a same track so tht u can’t sort them out.
It really feel good to sleep in a hostel after long while,where u stayed for half a decade.
When u lie to fall asleep the different thoughts n memories jump infront f u n u start reminding preceded years.
u still try to make them neat n sorted bt memories rush,
They rush as a gush f smoke =
Dissection hours changes to clinical posting,
Posting dies n then its internship birthing…
Alll happens as an one night dream n u still think am I really grown up?? or Itz jst a myth feel…
U can’t resist the time to stop Itz flow,
Things starts n ends like a movie show…
U don’t kno writing bt still u do try, coz more than words Itz feeling’s sigh…
Everyone f us moves on,life even add shades fcolours as smell f saffron…
what remains behind is fighting love,talking silence n touchy tears.

By – Sushil Jethliya.

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