Watch: Everything You Wanted To Know About Lesbian Women In India

Posted by Cake in Cake, FAQueer, LGBTQ, Taboos
February 21, 2017

When you’re queer and out of the closet, sometimes people come to you with the strangest questions. And while these questions can be irritating – intrusive even – there are times when they can also be great teachable moments, by breaking the silence, breaking a barrier that divides misconception from understanding, fear from acceptance.

And that’s exactly what the new animated film produced by Gaysi Family is doing.

Told through a series of exchanges between the main character Aarti, and everyone from her family, to neighbours, to random biker dude, the film covers a lot of things that people want to know about lesbian women (or queer people in general).

Not only is the film a great tool for introducing a sensitive subject like sexual identity, it also puts forward the perspective of a queer woman. Rhea Dease, the student animator behind the video, says it was “a humble attempt to seek to fill the void of representation of queer women in the media.

And what’s even more satisfying about the video is that it comes out of a collaboration between queer people. Lending voices to some of the characters is LGBTQ-rights activist Harish Iyer, who last month challenged a ridiculous New Year’s Eve ban on gay men entering a Mumbai bar. The film itself is the outcome of several interactions with queer women.

It is imperative that we tell our stories fearlessly and fiercely,” says Dease.

So here’s to more stories!

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