Growing Up With Ugly Feet

Posted by Tanya Jha in Body Image, My Story
February 19, 2017

Growing up with an unidentifiable skin disease that blackens your joints and makes your feet horrendously ugly has been very difficult in a society that looks down upon anything that doesn’t match with the pre-set design of a ‘female’ figure.

Obsession with fair-skin is known to all and there has been a considerable amount of conversation around this social stigma, but this society is also not welcoming of those with an ‘unusual’ skin texture that may occur because of a disease or otherwise. I was constantly reminded to hide my feet when in public and was recommended by ever-caring people to get rid of it as early as possible. Despite innumerable attempts to root out the bacteria from my body and draining a humungous amount of money in the process, I still can’t show my skin in public. I am still hesitant to wear shorts and half sleeve dresses when I go out.

I have tried to ignore all those questions thrown at me about the disease and whether it is contagious but it is not easy to turn a blind eye repeatedly. I definitely want to be cured of it at the earliest but not because society doesn’t approve or that it might affect my marriage prospects. I want to have clear and patch-free skin for my own happiness. I want to walk out free from all kinds of self-constructed insecurities and come out of this self-denial mode I’m always in. Meanwhile, when I walk revealing my ugly feet out on roads, I don’t want people to make disgusting faces when they catch a glimpse of them. I also don’t want to be treated as a helpless and needy person who is hungry for sympathy.

Let’s make this society a happy place to live in where nobody feels uncomfortable and suffocated. Let’s break these gender stereotypes and try looking at things without any pre-conceived notions. Help me pull those uncomfortable synthetic socks off and walk around without feeling ashamed or disgusted at myself.