Guwahati Guy Partha Boruah Goes Live After Facing Police Atrocity During Routine Checking

Posted by Nilutpal Timsina
February 14, 2017

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                  Partha P Boruah

In India, be it in any state, many bikers and commuters face the atrocities of police cops during their routine check. Despite having proper documents, police cops ask for fine and sometimes even seize the vehicle. On February 12, a guy from Guwahati,   Partha P Boruah was harassed by police cops during a routine check at Zoo Road. In spite of showing proper documents, he inquired the cops that why the officer of rank SI and above is not present during the checking as it is a rule laid down in the service book, the cops seized his bike and snatched his key. He found himself helpless and streamed live from his Facebook profile confronting them, where he not even asked for his key but also pointed out that why the police cop is not wearing nameplate and where is the registration number plate of the patrol vehicle parked for the checking.

 Watch his 1st live video here:

Upon reaching his home, he again streamed live where he is seen narrating the whole incident and even apologising for using slang words during the 1st live of which he claims that he was out of control.


What happened exactly

It was a normal Sunday evening, Partha was returning to his home from somewhere, upon reaching Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, he stopped his motorcycle near to a police checking to attend a phone call. Watching him stopped, a police constable asked him to show the documents. He displayed his documents before the police constable. He then inquired about the absence of officer of rank SI and above and asked the police constable that he is not authorised to check his documents. Upon saying this, the constable started arguing with him and said that he is a cop and he is carrying a weapon so it shows he is not illiterate and he is a graduate. Not to get into a debate with the police cops, Partha was about to leave the place when the police constable snatched his key. As soon as his key was snatched, he was helpless and he had to go live on Facebook. Upon seeing the camera, their behaviour changed. The cop who snatched his key was seen saying, “Gorom dekhaiso, tuk moi dekhai asu” (Means: You are showing your anger, wait I’m showing you). Then the police constable tries to call his senior, Partha found that his nameplate was missing. There were 3 policemen and one home guard, of which only one was wearing the nameplate. He too found that the patrol vehicle parked was also not having registration number plate. But when the police cops found that Partha is streaming live from his Facebook profile, they returned his key and asked him to leave.

 Watch his 2nd live video here:

Partha’s live streaming video was shared by many people and reached 311k views within 2 days. Till now, no one from Guwahati Police Commissionerate spoke about the incident. Partha is yet to get justice.


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