Guy takes his clothes off while dancing in front of girls on road! What happens at the end is an unexpected surprise!

Posted by Blue Curaçao
February 17, 2017

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The very rightful ‘moral police’ in India and most of the ‘educated’ politicians believe that a woman who dares to wear a revealing outfit is a fallen one. Any amount of skin-show is severely looked down upon and if a woman is seen sporting a revealing outfit, most people tend to believe that ‘she’s asking for it’.

But no one judges the morality of a man on the basis of his clothing!

A young Indian man asks random girls on street to rate him for his dancing skill on a scale of 1 to 10. He then starts dancing carefree in public on the popular item song ‘Laila Main Laila’ and suddenly starts taking his clothes off in front of those girls!

What happens at the end is an unexpected surprise!

Watch the video below.

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