Have We Done Justice To Sex ?

Posted by subha paul
February 13, 2017

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A lot of us reading have grown up being introduced to SEX, with the blessings of soft porn, hard porn, debonair, playboy, and very few are blessed enough to know about sex through the liberal sex educational classes in our school. Well to sum it all it won’t do us any harm to accept the fact that we have all grow up knowing little about sex and yet we all crave for it the most.

Speaking to Sachin DS a Masters researcher from Bangalore highlights the societal portrayal of our buddy sex ” I was said that before marriage I shouldn’t be having sex, I feel it is considered as a taboo and it was through porn that I got to know a little about sex and I am sure about it that until and unless I have my first time I won’t be confident about sex” . There are surely many like him who feels the same about growing up knowing little about Sex.

A glimpse from the Konark Temple

I was taken aback when I heard Seema Anand over a TED Talk ” The Art Of Seduction ” she beautifully explains how Cleopatra manoeuvred her charm to obtain Julius Caesar. Well now that you see history stands as a massive archive to understand sex, recollecting one of my visit to Konark Temple in Orissa and how my parents rushed me through the entire temple walk asking me to look front and walk, as a kid back then I never understood the scheme behind them wanting me to act in a certain way, but growing up I knew it all.

Fundamentally, even our own haven’t done the justice of educating each one of us about sex, so how do we bridge the gap of knowledge to get closure on sex rather than the gossip that surrounds our buddy. Growing up to hear that I am tall because I masturbate a lot, even though I am just 5ft 11in.

I will highlight one such conversation with a very close friend of mine where she tells me generally guys just need one thing, I was keen on knowing what she has to say ” they all want a good fuck ” on a lighter note I said its a trade off at both end but then she went on to tell me which is so true ” what every guy should realize to master an art one has to put in those hours of practice”. As a man prevailing from the times we live now, I have no shame in taking the argument one step forward with the fact that knowing our part in manifesting sex we also need to give space for women to explore the same.

Certainly, the need of the hour is to have a constructive approach towards educating children at the grass root level the schools to be precise, teachers have to be unbolted about sex be it Biology classes or a personal counseling session the challenge is to prevent children from knowing details from ubiquitous sources and by doing that a teacher can be fundamentally right in doing their primary duty.


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