Heart Disease Symptoms or Symbols of Heart Problems

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February 23, 2017

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Heart desease is generally refers to conditions that involves bloked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain(angina) or stroke.

The medical name of heart desease is cardiovascular disease and when we are going to find Best Doctors in Delhi is very important to know which Doctors in Delhi among all of them are. We can take a help of consultant so, you can get a List of Doctors in Delhi NCR.

In this 21th century it is very common disease because of junk food unhealthy diet plan and stress is very common responsible for this disease. when we are taking stress its directly affect our heart.

And chance of heart attack is increasing day by day.
21th century stress is very common so, heart attack is very common. When we are suffering from heart disease we have to take help of Delhi Doctors Directory. Many hospitals in Delhi have a separate or specialist doctor for hear disease.
*Factor that are highly responsible for heart disease

*Stress (because of stress blood pressure is not in control)

*Junk food (main source of cholesterol and fat)

*unhealthy diet plan



*hypertension (high blood pressure)
One of major factor is cholesterol growth of this highly responsible element for heart disease just because of obesity and unhealthy diet plan junk food by Best Doctors in Delhi for Skin.
So, we have to take a healthy step and avoid these elements they are just totally not good for your health. Take a healthy step and eat low fat and fresh food especially fresh vegetables. Also do Yoga and walking is good for your health take out only few minutes from your fast running life and do some yoga and morning walk.
In a study of a self running institution they find that-

*55% of man are suffering from high cholesterol and fatty life

*And over 60% Women are suffering from high cholesterol and obesity
Major type of heart disease-

*Heart attack

*Irregular Heart Rhythm

*Heart valve Disease

*Heart Muscle Disease
These are major type of heart disease and responsible for death of millions of people. We have to take this serious because this is not a simple it is very complex by taking some simple step we came live our heart very long and healthy.
CARDIOLOGY is the branch of medicine that deals with heart diseases. Many Best General Physician in Delhi have a department of cardiology to full fill the demand of heart patients they are increasing day by day because of unhealthy plan of diet and taking lots of stress. there are big Hospital in Delhi like Fortis healthcare and Apollo hospitals.
If you are living in Delhi and you are suffering from Cardio logical problem young can take a help of cardio logical specialist. Hospitals of Delhi are also good going with heart transplant. Treatment for coronary heart disease (CHD) usually is the same for both women and men. Fortis Escorts is the Doctors in Citi New Delhi, Delhi for heart diseases.

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