History Repeats Itself : Where Is My Democratic India?

Posted by Karan Kr Khetani
February 23, 2017

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Just after the 9 Feb incident of violence in JNU last year, the history repeated itself.
What came hand in hand is Delhi Police being mute spectators. Why does this ideological war ends ‘always’ in such violence which destroys the essence of democracy and organs which are entrusted to prevent such acts end up watching the drama.

I quote one of the ABVP Leader “What angered us is the fact that along with documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak and professor Bimol Akeijam, Umar Khalid was invited to speak as one of the panelists. WHAT?

We are a democracy and everyone has a right to keep his/her own opinion. Have we come to such a stage where NO other opinions shall be considered, respecting it being a far cry?

Threatening women to rape and pelting stones at students gathered for a seminar just because you don’t want Umar Khalid to speak? That caters to your fear that YOU DON’T WANT OTHER OPINION TO SURVIVE.
Delhi Police reportedly denied interfering in the incident because of the orders from ABVP. (This has been confirmed by a personal source)

Is a student organisation such powerful that it will now order the police force of capital of this country to act in a specified manner?

Why can’t two ideologies have their place in the society, Why is a group of one ideology NOT allowing the other to exist?
And then these people are celebrating (Bhai, Kya Maara hai usko!)

*Slow Claps*!

This is a grave threat to our democracy.
Such violent acts shall have NO place in our country.

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