Keep Calm! You Don’t Need To Compete With Sharma Ji’s Son

Posted by Sagar Ashtakoula in Society
February 17, 2017

Comparisons! That’s what majority of the students in this country succumb to when they are in their early 20s. Parents won’t stop comparing their children with others. This is called peer pressure. Even though students don’t care about comparisons, parents saying sentences like, “look at Sharma ji’s son, he got placed in a company, and here you are sitting idle.” These words do force students to be in constant vigilance about themselves. They lose confidence, and the next thing that enters their mind is, ”what if I never get a job?” And you know what? It sucks to feel this way. Sure there is competition outside, but forcing students into getting placed in a company will only make things worse. So, how to eradicate comparisons from our minds? It’s impossible to expect parents to stop comparing but with a strong determination, we (students) can make our little brain escape this phase. These are the steps that will help us achieve this:

Never Let Anyone Steal Your Thoughts

As humans we all go through various thought processes and also the basic instinct of humans is to force you to listen to them. For example, if you tell anyone that you want to be a writer, the immediate answer from them will be, “Wait! You cannot do this, and there is heavy competition out there.” Either they will change your thoughts or discourage you. So, by taking control of your mind and not letting anyone alter it, we can achieve what we want.

Anger Management

This is a pretty tough one to achieve! I cannot tolerate when someone compares my ability with others. My immediate reaction is anger towards them. After some browsing, I found out that the reason for this anger was my age. At this age, we feel that we can conquer the world. Anyone that says we cannot automatically be the victims of our anger. The best solution for controlling anger is to meditate (Believe me, it works!).

Don’t Force Yourselves Too Much

Forcing ourselves and being desperate to might make things complicated. In the case of comparisons, pushing your mind to do what someone else has achieved will increase pressure. It’s great being passionate but forcing your brain to be in constant attention might not yield results. Take some time off. Listen to music, interact with your best ones. Locking yourselves in a door won’t serve any purpose. Loosening yourselves will reduce the desperation which eventually makes us face any result.

Think Of Someone Who Inspires You

We all need inspiration. Someone who inspires us to do things. The mere presence of their thoughts will surely inspire you. Whenever someone compares you with others and came to a conclusion that you are useless, think of that person to gain motivation. To me, it’s always Roger Federer. I watch his game whenever I am feeling kind of low in life. His presence on and off the court always inspires me to become a humble and amicable person like him. Just like this, find someone who could inspire you to the core.

Finally, Believe!

That’s a simple word. Saying it is easy, but doing it is difficult. No matter what people say, we need to be determined towards our goal. Nothing can shatter our dreams. Always say this to yourselves and move on saying, “the world is mine and if nobody supports me, I will walk alone towards my destination.”

I am in the process of achieving these things. I know I will master it one day. But as of now, I am still trying hard to achieve what I have listed.


Image source: YouTube