Humanity Is Still Alive!!

Posted by Comedian Abhishek Barnwal
February 25, 2017

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Today I Heard A Sad Incident FROM MY Papa WHICH Happened Last-Night & Today Morning!!

AN Old-Man[Above 60_Years] Lives WITH HIS Son[25_Years] & Wife ON 4th_Floor.
Last-Night THE Old-Man WAS NOT Feeling-Well,

So HIS Son & Wife Requested TO THE Other People[Prefer NOT TO Say “Neighbour”] Living IN THE Building TO Help Them IN Letting THE Old-Man Come Down BUT NoBody Showed Interest IN Helping THE Family.
Instead They TOLD THAT They WILL Help IN THE Morning BUT IN Morning, When THE Old-Woman[Wife OF Old-Man] TOLD Them, They Replied, “We HAVE TO Go TO Work”, “We HAVE Other Things TO Do”.
Then THE Old-Woman Went OutSide Seeking-Help & Come_Towards Our Shop & TOLD MY Papa THE Whole-Incident. THAT Time MY Father WAS JUST Pulling THE Shutter OF Ship, Still He Asked THE Old-Woman IF He Alone CAN Help OR AnyOne-Else IS Needed??
Old-Woman Said THAT 2-People ARE Needed.

Then MY Father Asked THE Barber IN Our Neighbour TO Go With Him, He[Barber] Replied, “JUST 5-Minutes” As He WAS Working THAT Time.
JUST IN Time, A Friend OF MY Father Came_There & MY Father TOLD Him TO Go BUT He SAID THAT He HAS TO Visit Temple. MY Father Said THAT THIS IS Also A Worship OF THE God & Then They Both Went & Brought THE Old-Man Down FROM 4th-Floor.
THAT Friend[OF MY Father] Booked A OLA[CAB-Service] TO THE Hospital.

Moral=} People Now-A-Days ARE Going More Selfish & Short-Minded THAT They DON’T Even Help THEIR Neighbours WHICH IS Really NOT A Good-Sight OF THE Future.

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