Hungry Eyes And Thirsty Throat ; A Story

Posted by Ankita Singh
February 12, 2017

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The way,the day was sailing its boat from the river of morning to the sea of evening in the bright sunlight was instantly concealed and frozed in the fair of melancholy mist of clouds.The fine weather turned into hostile and it was raining as if it will not get to rain again. I hurried home to drop my mother there and wanted to meet someone who ,last week shook her head to indicate yes for my question “if I can have coffee with you at Suru Seth coffee bar” which I repeated more the times I have repeated Sanskrit shlokas to mom hold my hand and asked me to get into home as it was a risk to drive in the rain but for that beautiful risk which I wanted to experience forever for my life ,I could take such hundreds risk of driving bike in rain. Without delaying a micro second, I accelerated my bike and reached there in quarter the time I used to get there other day. I looked around with my hungry eyes and quickly rushed inside to see if she was waiting for me and to my surprise, I happened to find no one there, my hungry eyes remained hungry and thirsty throat remained thirsty even if the food was the in bar and for water it was raining outside. After that very moment, I went to her home but I couldn’t find her present there. I went door to door to find any news of her but the shattered hope could only prevail on mom couldn’t bear seeing me lost and sad and asked me to forget her. I couldn’t forget her even if I wished to do that. Two months have been passed .I was walking around in the backyard of our home and there was a chill in the air, weather was little cloudy and silent was trying to kill the alive picture of nature. Suddenly a hope from hopeless and deathly surrounding emerged with a cold draught of air spreading the fragrance of her and my heart pumped as fast as it could. Someone tapped my shoulder and I immediately turned my head, it was not someone else except her. I embraced her and cried my eyes hungry eyes were no longer hungry and throat was no longer thirsty even if the food was not there and it was not raining at all. We married and settled for job in a company.

The time has arrived when we want to explore world as we were finished exploring ourselves. We opened a school for poor children to shower the education on our society. This is the ideal of our love and it will be never lasting. We would be the happiest soul when we will be prepared to die for it. We would live our life for what we were born to live.







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