I Was Abused And Bullied In Childhood By My Own Family !

Posted by banu
February 27, 2017

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I was born and brought up in a poor family in a Jharkhand, and I used to live in a very rural village, with no electricity, water supply or anything. Later my mom was got married, when I was 12 years old, once in a summer we went back to my uncle s house ( my mother s brother s house), it was summer days, also it was a rural village, we used to belongs to a lower caste in the village.

One day, two women ( around 30-32 years old) from a rich upper caste family came to my aunt s house, they told that their milkman had not come and their cows are remained un- milked today, and they were wanting help to get their cows milked, but because they belonged to a upper cast family, and my aunt and mom were from lower caste family so they were not allowed to go their home.

And only my mom knew how to milk a cow, so my aunt got a tricked, he called me and asked me to strip down quickly, I was 12 years and did not want but I was threatened, and I had to strip nude and I had to go on my knee, than my aunt asked my mom to teach those two women, how to milk a cow using my penis, at first my mom hesitated but later she started milking my tiny dangling penis like it was a real udder of a cow, it was a very very painful and embarrassing experience. and after that i had to suffer a lot, since my sister, aunt and other people shared this story to my other cousins, and in next 1 years, i was made nude 2-3 times when my mom or aunt told this story to other relatives, and worst past was that everyone took it a funny incident rather than taking it offensive or abuse.

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