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In Bangalore, The Holy Cow Eats Garbage, And No One Cares

Posted by Krishna. in Society
February 1, 2017

We have evolved in terms of knowledge and developed complicated machines, complicated enough to study about the universe or to simply charge mobile phones that have access to all sorts of information. Yet, after all this, one thing, in particular, hasn’t changed, the hypocritical nature of the human mind.

Hypocrisy is a term that defines the state of mind of a human being playing multiple identities or in simpler words, people who do not act upon their words.

People in India had an issue recently with cow slaughter, an animal considered holy by the Hindus. This saw chaos and commotion among the people of different religions and castes. Many of them were killed for eating beef and many for selling it.

There is nothing wrong with saving an animal for the sake of religion, but why don’t the same people do something about the people who dump their waste around the city in open air and let the so called “holy animal of Hindu, the cow” eat it? Even if we are trying to save the holy animal, then in which world exactly are we doing so, or better yet, pretending to do so?

These pictures represent the hypocritical mindset of our society. I live in that part of Bengaluru which has several townships, research centres and establishments maintained by the Defence Development Research and Organisation (DRDO).

More than 50% of the population residing in this area is educated and well-established. However, the most disturbing scenarios can be seen in the society of educated people.

There is been a chaos and a lots of crimes in the name of beef ban and save the cow campaign. However, my question is, where are these cow protectors when people throw garbage or encourage its accumulation on the road? Numerous cows to feed on this garbage which eventually leads to their death. This garbage is accumulated by all, including the religion that fights for and the religion that feasts on the cows.

Neither the government nor the citizens seem interested in rectifying the fact that the roads to schools offices and other places have turned into a graveyard for the cows.

Why? Why are we such hypocrites? On the one hand, this religion worships the cow and on the other, they turn a blind eye to these scenes. Some even promote the accumulation by adding their garbage to the pile. No one has issues till it doesn’t reach their houses or apartments. Even if some people are getting bothered, they will rely on the municipality, and everyone knows how the municipality works.

The scene only gets worse. Even though garbage accumulation does serious harm to everyone exposed to it, the government is reluctant to do anything regarding the scenario unless elections or any international visits to the area are around the corner. I have been a witness to this for more than a year, but as we all know, nobody cares. Who will raise a voice? Even if someone does, the support somewhere will expire.

Let’s stop being blind. We should, together with the government, stop being inactive and work for a better and a brighter cause. Either way, the masks we wear to pretend that we care about the society need to come off. Under it lies an ugly and unseen face that belongs and represents the hypocritical society.