Intellectual Corruption

Posted by Subash Deb
February 6, 2017

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We must have read about intellectual corruption and how worse it is than any other type of corruption, particularly when we get to realise that there’s SOMEBODY taking a shot at rejigging our centuries-old beliefs and practices. It, in fact, occurs at various levels of information flow in our society. Every individual, one way or the other, is a contributor to its growth, and perhaps equally culpable for what’s not right in the parlance of our righteous world.

Though changing with time is a sign of sanity, but a change that shakes the foundation of our existence is no change but a transition into a different entity or being. Not actually imitated from the West, this trait of intellectual corruption is rather a spin-off mostly from the activities of the developed society existing within a developing or a developed world. At one point in time, the voices of the West were so dominant in the international arena that their stories ruled the flow of global information. Rarely were stories from the developing nations been discussed so fervently as they are today. That’s possibly an omen for the new world order. However, when the world’s gravity is eastwards, we are making the worst use of the opportunity to spread our information.

The developed society that I discussed also includes a swarm of intellectuals that are busy peddling narratives (based on their personal and biased agenda) that often go on to challenge the country’s most treasured epics, legends, folklore, popular beliefs, etc. This group of learned people including writers, teachers, journalists, scholars and a host of other professionals from the developing world, who went mostly unheard earlier, are actually misusing their democratic rights to propagate half-baked stories challenging the age-old practices and beliefs of their own country. Did they forget that at one point of time how the West lectured us on our deficiencies? How their media focussed on our bad stories, intentionally ignoring our good ones? No doubt we owe to the West for inventions and innovations, but they are also equally responsible for most of our pain. Don’t we dare forget this! Remember, the West is also adapting to the realities of the East, hence their pivot to the East is not an exercise in futility.
Instead of discussing each other’s weaknesses, either on social media or any other media, can’t we discuss our strengths? I wonder why a few of our intellectuals are busy propagating wrong sentiments and creating counter-narratives of the literature of their fellow citizens of the same country.

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