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February 11, 2017

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In the present era, with division amongst people based on casteism, racism, sex, etc saw a massive unity in the state of Tamil Nadu. Respect and help for each other for a common cause of Jallikattu, witnessed the overturn of apex court verdict.

PETA and Animal Welfare Board of India, who raised their voice against jallikattu, terming the sport harmful for the animal and the people.Jallikattu a sport held during the harvest festival of Tamil,Pongal is a bull taming sport, where a bull is unleashed, into the crowd.The people with their bare hands try to stop the bull, and if successful is awarded a prize.

The ban was put into place as, the bull was hurt by either twisting the tail or hurting by knife, sprinkling red chilli into their eyes and intoxicating through alcohol and also witnessed the death of human life.

On may 7, 2014, the supreme court banned the event totally , a two-member judge pointed out harming the bull u/s 3 was against the PCA Act.

On January 13 2107, the rise of protest was seen, supported by many political and actors as well.On January 23, after 7 days of peaceful protest, police attacked the crowd on the basis of the presence of few ‘anti-social elements’ had insurgents with evil intentions according to the front line.The protest lead to the torching of a police station and scores of arson were gutted in arson, leaving 70 youths and students injured according to The Frontline.
O.Pannerselvam,, with mounting pressure rushed to Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi.An ordinance from Chennai was Promulgated on 20th January ” after obtaining the necessary instruction of the Honourable President as envisaged under Article 213 of the Constitution” with support from the centre. With unsatisfied public, the ordinance was later on January 23 converted in the “JALLIKATTU BILL”.

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