‘Jihad In My Saffron Garden’

Posted by Roxy Arora
February 1, 2017

My name is Dr (Mrs.) Roxy Arora. I am a dentist who is from Jammu and Kashmir. I currently reside in New Delhi. In 2015, my mother was evicted from my late father’s property in Jammu by my father’s younger brother and his son. They had even got her beaten up . You can imagine my plight while I witnessed such barbaric actions. I had not experienced such despair and helplessness even when my father had passed away when I was 22 years old.

Since I don’t have a brother, my uncle, who had always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing had conveniently assumed that my father’s property would go to his son. My cousin was as treacherous as my uncle. My cousin’s wife and her brother had employed goons to beat up my mother.

My mind was saddened, but with deep prayer, I garnered the strength to come out of the wretchedness in my heart. I had always wanted to write and the conflict in Kashmir had always gnawed my conscience. I have lived in the United Kingdom and Kuwait and have experienced racial profiling and exodus. I decided to write a book. So, I wrote “Jihad In My Saffron Garden”. The book is a romantic thriller, set against the onset of insurgency in Kashmir. The book was published by Prabhat Publisher. The name is the same as that of my late father. My father loved us and his younger brother. The brother who cheated his nieces out of what is rightfully theirs.

“Jihad In My Saffron Garden” has a strong female protagonist, who can rightfully be called my doppelganger. Like mine, her story will go down in history. As hers is a story which strives for the return of normalcy to Kashmir and the world. A story which urges us to love our neighbour as much as we love ourselves. A story which will touch the heart of even the most hardened soul.

We, as women have not been deprived of an aggressive strength but our minds are courageous and fearless. “Jihad In My Saffron Garden” will make a marked difference to all our lives as we will pledge to create a robust backbone of religious trust and deplete the large reservoirs of communal distrust.

Join me and eliminate the stereotype of the helpless widow.


Image source: YouTube