Let Her Be…….

Posted by Shambhavi Upadhyay
February 22, 2017

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I am hungry, I admit.
Actually, Starving to be precisely honest.

Starving for what is due to me. Starving for equality at almost every stage of my life.

Now, I know some of you would have judged me already accusing me of being a feminist just after reading first 2 or 3 lines of my article!! So you imagine how hard would it be for me to live in a society that is continuously and consistently judging me and seizing me under a sharp eye.
Not that I am affected by their judgmental attitude or whatsoever but its just that sometimes, I just want to be free. Actually I want to feel free. Free from judgments, free from peaking and prying and spying eyes of people, free from “Ohhhh!! She is wearing a dark lipstick, she is a b****h” kinda statements, with the liberty to live in the kind of world I would love to have for myself. But Alas!! (Totally laughing internally at my own Utopian thoughts :p ) One can not have best of both worlds( as they generally put it, I have my own doubts regarding that,though!!! )
For instance, I love cooking but something that puts me off it sometimes is a one relative or another neighbor saying “Cooking haan!!! Very good beta, You will have to cook for your husband for rest of your life to keep him happy” and under staring glaze of my Mom I have to stay quite and smile when all I want to do is “PUNCH THEM RIGHT ACROSS THEIR FACE” (I don’t have any other effective technique to break their F***G mouth!!!!!!!) Its not that I don’t want to cook for my husband or family in near future but the thing is If I love cooking, I just love it for myself and not as a sole reason to impress my future husband or in-laws. I WANT TO BE FREE TO COOK AND THAT TOO SOLELY FOR MY HAPPINESS.
I am sure their attitude is not going to change(at least not anywhere in near future!!)
But Me and You makes US And We can bring a change for sure. In near future whenever you see a girl cooking, or riding a bike or precisely doing whatever she loves to, Just Promise yourself you are never gonna judge her or tell her to do or not do those things for someone else’s happiness. You are just going to LET HER BE!!!!!!

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