Let’s find passion in life

Posted by adityasr
February 10, 2017

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This is an article from my blog. I have done graduation from BITS-Pilani. This is my real story to take my passion to professional level and indeed international level. I have been robotic enthusiast in college and represented India for the first time in Robocup-2011, Istanbul,Turkey but I realized what is my passion – Music. I started learning tabla when I was just 10. So I quit my campus placement in search of guru and started working with NGO Eklavya Foundation to earn small money. Then I moved to Delhi when I got guru and took job. Now I have finally taken it to international level. Here is media link of my band launch http://www.newdelhitimes.com/new-music-band-fusion-10-calls-for-cancer-research-in-inaugural-concert123/. Here is my band page https://www.facebook.com/fusion10band/ which I have not marketed yet but even without that we are doing big concerts like in Delhi International Arts Festival and Rendezvous, IIT Delhi. When I told my story to my friends, they found it very inspiring so I want to share this article with you to inspire youth of India on youthkiawaaz.com.

Let’s find passion in life

Passion is a fuel to generate talent !

After a long time getting some relaxed time to share something from heart.

What is passion ?

Definitely you can have some different dictionary based meaning but for me it is never ending source of energy. It is something which gives you way of life.  It gives you purpose of your existence. In bigger words ‘Passion is food for Soul’. For me it is music but for you it can be sports, arts,yoga,cooking, painting, engineering, science anything.

Many times I ask friends hey what do you do on weekends ? Mostly I listen bas kuch khas nhi (nothing special) . Sometime I choose any friend randomly and call him on weekends. We start with aur life kaise chal rahi hai be (how’s life going on buddy). And I get response bas kat rahi hai yar (just going on) in low tone. It seems there is no energy left and people are just dragging life. When we were kids we used to have much enthusiasm and energy to do stuff but where is it now ? What ultimately are we achieving in this rat race ? Indeed we are just entangling ourselves in the sea of unwanted expectations running in this rat race. And when the expectations do not get fulfilled, frustration and depression comes in life which is nothing but frictional loss. I do not think anyone of us wants to end up getting depressed. So why can’t we leave this rat race and run in our own way ?

I am just done with a grand concert in the Signature Festival of India – Delhi International Arts Festival. Now when I analyse this whole process of performing on such a prestigious stage, I find it’s the whole journey which I loved not just the ending. Indeed it was full of energy. Obviously there were many ups and downs in the process. Not being from a musicians family, it’s tough to make a place of your own but not impossible. I wrote more than 300 emails, had many meetings and presentations for sponsorship in last 3 months and finally ended up with just one successful sponsorship two days before concert that too after much push. Though I kept on getting failures yet I always thought I have nothing to loose as I am already naked in this field and if not now then when.  And again and again I started my weekends full of energy with the hope that my meeting will convince some corporate. Meanwhile with due modesty I felt my confidence level got so high, my communication level got much better and my emotional quotient became high after withstanding many rejections. Finally with ups and downs I had successful concert with my music ensemble ‘Fusion 10’ and we collaborated with internationally acclaimed sand artist Mr Nitish Bharti who is finalist of India’s Got Talent, semi-finalist of Asia’s Got Talent and a Cannes Festival nominee.

It was pure passion that drove me to do this. Indeed it is not just music which I learnt through it but to understand life. Everyone needs to have passion. My passion took birth 17 years back when I was just 10. It is not important that you take it professionally or you prove it to someone. I personally experienced and feel, passion helps you face challenges life throws on you. You may be going throw huge tension but with passion you can smilingly face it. It will take you to a different world which is so beautiful. It is important to find what is our passion ultimately now. If not now, when tough situation will encircle you, you won’t have time finding it.

So let’s take time out and sit for few minutes to think what is that which fills you with excitement ,which makes you smile when no one is around you. Whatever comes in your mind first, it is going to be you passion not just hobby. Just start following it and live a elevated life.

Much love & affection to my dear reader friends.

Always Yours,

Aditya Shanker 🙂

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