Dear Newspapers, Stop Selling Ads In The Name Of News

Posted by Nilutpal Timsina in Media
February 15, 2017

Dear Newspaper,

In this fast-moving world with tremendous technological advancement, a newspaper still finds a spot in the common man’s daily life. Spending time with the daily newspaper makes us aware of all the happenings around the globe. This habit also helps us think.

Well, you are indeed one of the greatest inventions by humans.

Having said that, I am not happy with you, these days. I hope you are listening. I hope you’ll listen to this little reader who cannot live a single day without you. I hope you’ll forgive me, if I hurt you.

You arrive at our house every morning. Be it fog or rain, you are always present. You share all the news in some 20-odd pages. You may have different identities, you speak in different languages and you are circulated in different regions, but, as a whole, you are one.

I love to spend my time with you. Despite my busy schedule, I used to spend an hour on you. Sometimes, I used to invest a lot more time on you – but it wasn’t that hard!

Today, however, things have changed!  It takes me ten minutes to read you – even though I want to spend more time with you.

Nowadays, you are used primarily as a means of business. Once, you were all information but now you are a package of advertisements. Your owners seem to be more interested in making money through advertisement, rather than providing the public with authentic news from around the globe. I spend ₹6 to ₹10 daily on you just to update myself. However, I think that my money is being wasted because nowadays, the whole newspaper is full of advertisements. Today, a lot of people have lost their interest in newspaper dailies just for this very reason.

I hope that those concerned will listen to what I am saying and do the needful. Yes, the advertisements help in the sustenance of newspapers but there must be a limit to it. In order to cater to the needs of earnest readers, advertisements will either have to be curtailed to some extent, or be put in additional pages for the people to read, as and when needed.

I do hope that the people concerned do come to know of my views. They need to be informed that this little reader, along with many others, wants the newspaper filled with news and issues of interest instead of excessive advertisements.

I still love you, my dear Newspaper! Just return to your old glory!

I hope you’ll listen to this little reader.

Thank you!

Warmest regards,

Your little reader


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