LetzChange launches India’s Grandest Online Fundraising Festival – ‘Giving Premier League 2017’

Posted by gulati_kriti
February 16, 2017

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LetzChange, an online social giving and crowdfunding platform, today launched the third edition of its annual fundraising competition, the ‘Giving Premier League: 2017’. Kicking off from February 15, 2017 till March 25, 2017, the 40 day League is a singular such concept of an online fundraising competition that incentivizes participating non-profits across the country that are on-boarded on the LetzChange platform after thorough verification, to tap into a nationwide network of donors. It also provides an opportunity for donors and volunteers to leverage their social networks to raise funds for the causes they believe in.

The League instills a sense of competition between teams representing different regions, comprising of NGOs working for the development of people living in those areas. Charities, therefore are in the running to raise maximum funds, expand their donor network and work to grab the cumulative prize money of up to Rs. 2 crore, offered as matching grant from LetzChange. Apart from the fixed rewards, these non-profits also stand a chance to win huge prizes if they are part of the winning team in the League. Charities, therefore, have to also start working in cooperation within their regional teams to bring out the best in each other to win as a League.


The regional teams in the Giving Premier League 2017 include:

  • Bengaluru Brave Hearts: Non-profits from Karnataka
  • Chennai Change Makers: Non-profits from Tamil Nadu
  • Empathetic East: Non-profits from West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha
  • Magnanimous Maharashtra: Non-profits from Maharashtra and Goa
  • Northern Knights: Non-profits from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab
  • Heartland Heroes: Non-profits from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan
  • Telugu Titans: Non-profits from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Besides aiming at motivating NGOs to maximize their fundraising efforts, the League will also showcase the vast geographical spread of some of the most committed non-profits in India, and provide an opportunity for donors to contribute to the development of the region they hail from, by supporting the team that represents their roots.

Speaking on the launch the Giving Premier League, Vikrant Bhargava, Founder of LetzChange, said, In a diverse nation like ours, there are numerous committed non-profits doing exemplary work, and in need of regular funds to sustain their efforts but often face geographical, financial and communication barriers in reaching to donor communities. Prospective donors, on the other hand, face a dearth of viable, trustworthy ways to donate to social causes that are close to their hearts. This is exactly where the online giving space can play a powerful, catalytic role in showcasing the work of these non-profits and inspire donors to not just raise funds for charities but encourage their networks to do the same, and that is exactly the mission and vision with which LetzChange was created. The platform serves as an aggregator for prospective donors to search for vetted and verified charities and 100% of your donated amount is transferred across without any deductions.  We want to create a portal that is simple to use and allows people to optimize their social network to give to the underprivileged.”

Mr. Rahul Chovva, CEO and Director of LetzChange, said, Every year, through our fundraising competition, we incentivize our NGO partners to reach out to a larger number of donors, nationally and internationally, to gain better visibility and raise funds. Previously in 2015 and 2016, Rs.1 crore had been raised each year, all thanks to the spirit and perseverance of our committed partner organizations. This time, however, we are aiming big and scaling up the event, with a larger number of NGO partners on-board and a cumulative prize of Rs.2 crore. This time the charities are in the running to represent their regions, as forbearers of change. It’s admirable how passionately these organizations are working to serve the cause they believe in. So many lives have been touched and sometimes altered dramatically because of their persistent efforts to brighten up the world we live in.  It’s time we all come together to support these non-profits, many of whom are unknown and have no resonance among the Indian masses. I hope that more donors will come out to support the NGOs in the Giving Premier League.” 

About LetzChange

LetzChange is a philanthropic foundation that helps people leverage their social networks to raise funds for the social causes they believe in. The online social giving platform has partnered with non-profits working in diverse sectors across India to help them overcome geographical, financial and communication barriers in reaching prospective donor communities.

The primary objective of LetzChange is to make social giving to NGO projects a simple and credible experience. The organization has on-boarded more than 160 charities after thorough due diligence and tries to ease their burden of fundraising by making it a simple, convenient and trustworthy process for potential donors. The online platform allows people to donate to a cause or an NGO of their choice or to start a campaign in support of it by inviting their family and friends over their social media networks. Donors can also keep track of incoming donations from their networks and set reminders to meet their target. In either case, upon completion of payment, donors receive an acknowledgement from LetzChange as well as a receipt from the NGO. LetzChange support team can be contacted anytime during the process for technical and marketing assistance.

LetzChange aims to create an online ‘happiness chain’, where NGOs across the country, irrespective of size or location, are benefitted through the creation of a huge network that they otherwise might not have been able to tap into. To discover an online gateway to the world of giving,

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