Likewise Home Ministry There Should Be Hope Ministry

Posted by Sagar Brahmbhatt
February 8, 2017

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It’s always good where Youth have a Platform of Hope, Where they can send their Projects and at least one department like Hope Ministry works on applied projects by Youth.

When in this Era we talk about Start -Up’s & Young Entrepreneurs we find talents and sometimes Youth couldn’t connect or reach to the government somehow due to lack of communication at times Youth get offended or creates a distrust in Government… I believe this Hope-Ministry of Government would be exclusive for Youth dedicated to their Dreams & Execution.

I have personally faced many issues to connect with authorities of government due to their busy schedule, I have a project since 5 years now to promote medical tourism in state of Gujarat and then in India though the plan is great said by many secretaries of health and tourism I am still in “just” conversation with them and no execution. I wish if we had a Hope Ministry and that could be a platform where many Youth like us can connect with authorities and share their Dreams.


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