Love Yourself A Little Bit More

Posted by Angana
February 11, 2017

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Life says, “Despite everything you’ll go through, I’ll teach you how to survive. Just do not give up on me. I’ll bring you days which will make you feel weak but you’ll be stronger tomorrow. Just do not give up.”

I had been going through some deep shit in my life. We all do. But, it’s about how you deal with it. Maybe I was weak. I know it’s being feeble but I couldn’t be the one to take stand for myself. My life had a melancholic mood.

A broken childhood – the trauma of certain things made me gloomy. Experiences in childhood wounded me emotionally. The fallout echoes through the years caused me some negative consequences, and pushed me into depression. For me the days and the nights were somber. The grief-stricken person inside me refused to leave her depression. My lungs became habitual to breathe in the air of despondency. I couldn’t find broken pieces in my favourite songs. My misery made me helpless.

And then something magical happened…

In my 2nd year of graduation, I had to work on a project based on ‘GIRLS IN SOCIETY’. Luckily I had a friend who was doing her Masters in Sociology. She had been visiting to NGOs and she was ready to help me. She was working with an NGO named SWAYAM, which works for the women’s rights and is committed to ending violence against women and children, based in Kolkata, India.
One fine day, she took me along with her so that I could gather some information and content regarding my project. I talked to many girls and few officials. The kind of cases they deal with, the rehabilitation of the girls, the education, career and many more. While I was busy in talking to the ladies who were doing well, my friend told me about a girl who was rescued by the NGO members. This girl is the protagonist in my story of LIFE TOWARDS POSITIVITY . In amidst the most dreadful period of my life, she became my inspiration.

But what’s so special about this girl?

Well, this girl, an ordinary looking girl who was just 12-year-old ( two years ago) hailed from Barisal, Bangladesh. The girl was struck off because of some doleful happenings. The girl was raped by her own father for many years. She had lost her mother in a very early age and stopped her education because her father wasted all his income in alcohol. Later, the girl became a victim of child trafficking. Her father sold her to some agent in Bangladesh for some money and from there she was sent to Kolkata. She was been forced into prostitution. The agent had brutally assaulted her. I cannot even gather words to explain her condition. Bruises all over her body, he nipples were chewed and private parts were damaged but somehow she managed to ran away and was rescued by this NGO.

I cannot even fathom the pain she would have under gone. After listening to her story, I had chills down my spine. I know we all watch such things on TV or read about such cases in newspapers but we just read them and forget.

I gathered my strength and went to her for asking few question.

“What do you want to do after you get recovered?”, I asked.

“I want to go to the school again, finish my studies and will become successful one day”, she replied with a grinning face.

We had a small chit-chat regarding her hometown and she answered with alacrity.

After my work was done, I came back to my place and realised one thing.

If a girl at such tender age who has gone through so much still has that liveliness in her, wants to start a new life with a new hope, why can’t I do that?

That was the day when I found a museum inside me where I used to thought were only empty walls.

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