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Posted by Sonnal Pardiwala
February 16, 2017

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Valentine’s Day! A special day marked specially for Expressing Love. There are as many expressions of love as there are people. All count as long as it is pure love.

In this era of Commerce and Consumerism, love is equated with Gifts and Gimmicks. More expensive a gift one can show, deeper seems the feeling of being loved. More Dramatic an expression with verve and style, more memorable the Day.

Yet we forget…

Love is an emotion to be felt and not weighed in Gifts and Galore.

Love is what conquers and love is what lasts. Love is what will help you get through rough patches and cold winters. For memories of shared feelings shall thaw differences and warm lonely moments!

Think about it, No one escapes the gentle aim of Cupid  and it strikes all of us!  It is this twinkle that unnoticed creeps in the eyes and creates waves in your hearts. This blow of Cupid at a tender age is the most special “mush”  for it belongs only to you. Rarely are you capable of understanding it yourself, much less explain it to self or others. The first scrawl of Smileys and “Will you be my Valentine?” may go unanswered and break your heart.

Only momentarily, for a floodgate once opened rarely stays dry.

For sure, it taught you to love… And you will love again. The stars that twinkled at that tiny age will shape and mould mischief in your eyes and also teach you to cope when it does not go your way.

You will learn to love. Cupid will leave you enriched and ready for love.

That is what is captured in #LastSeen…
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The tender age love shenanigans and the internet drama that unfolds, the charm of letters, hidden underneath a rock will refresh those young memories when we had our “Crush”  the first flush of love beats of coveting some special one’s attention. Shahen Pardiwala brings the clumsy and first brush of confused flutter of a naive heart. Vihaan will directly string your heart with the right force and make you wanna give him a hug and his cheeks a pull. His elder bro can do with a jab in his back for introducing his little bro into Love town!

The Next film #FavsheToh captures the immature cuteness of being in love and creating mountains out of tiny molehills.

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A love that is still to bloom, still to understand its complete impact looks to short-cuts, but does not have the gumption to even carry it out. Sense of humour can save the day instead of catastrophizing every insignificant detail or obstacle that is perceived. The Master Wisdom being “Kaik setting karin laishu”  translated it means “We will manage and scrape through”

See our “Vipla” win the day and “Niku’s heart” with his cool googlies and gentler wisdom. Meet our Niku who is full of female guiles of nit jumping, for her face may bear the impact.

Our Ever caring Vipla defines love in one sentence “Hu toh tane keva pun choktha saathe prem karish”  It made me go Awwwwwww and so simply he puts the definition of ever lasting love.

We need more such “Viplas”  to do settings in life and not add to our already complicated life. We need more Nikus who will write an open ended possibility “Favshe toh apghaat karish”  before signing “Tumaar badhani vhaali Nikita” .

Parents would smile at this mushy gushy note that reassures no ramifications and yet acknowledges that she knows she is loved. As the couple walks on to peace and optimism, we are left with a smile at the simplicity that we are losing it in today’s times. Love that is decided on Terraces is now moving into malls. Oh!  Please bring back my Terrace days where no transport cost prevailed and offered full privacy and freedom to fight and make up!  Think today’s generation is missing out these Clandestine pleasures and Romantic Jugalbandi. Nozzer Pardiwala reflects the utter Gentle aspect of not yet come of age Love!

Love changes gears and takes on a Softer hue in Gaata Rahe Mera Dill…
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Repartee of two, locked in Love, sure of each other’s surrender and yet love that tarries to tease the other. There is a certain Amount of Surity as the Gentle Doves parry and Romance. The plea of the man in love to Wiles and Guiles of a Woman who knows she has surrendered and conquered in return. These are the moments of complete immersion of each other where they reflect into each other’s souls. A time that freezes the moments when no one else but them reside in their own private world. Both know they shall surrender, both know they shall reign, both know they shall carry the warmth of shared intimacy into their lives in those sultry weathers that are ahead.

Love in its most mushy format with a flavour of Only Songs from yester years when Romance took residence in the eyes…words adorned their vows of togetherness and intimacy dripped in Locked Gazes and Sensual exchanges. Our Megha will entice you with her demure glances. Our Mohan shall make an entry with his wide grin and awkward promises. That is love which hums from deep within. That is love which tarries and lets it bloom to its completion. The element of rushing is absent. They savour each other, tease each other, make up, promise long lasting love with only and only Songs that reeked of togetherness. Every Single aspect, flavour and hue of Romance you will find in those songs.
Every newly wed knows the precious time spent together.

Come Celebrate love in its eternal and etheric form with Blogimly.
If you are young, have a crush with “Vihaan”.

Or Reminisce about your past crush days. Smile in each instance.

Experience Vipla and Niku and go back to your premarital “O, we are doomed”  theory and laugh as to how much of a fool you both were?

Be enwrapped in the seductive swirl that Megha and Mohan weave.
Bet you will prefer being dragged further than come ashore.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Life is about loving and letting go…

Life is Laughing and letting go.

Life is about embracing and Surrendering.

This Valentine, hold your Valentine and sing “Tu tu he vahin, Dil ne Jise Apna kaha! AB toh ye Jeena Tere been he sazaa!!!”

The only Gift you give is yourself.

The only Gift you get will be Love!

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