Man, Woman And Myth

Posted by Sanjay Parmar
February 23, 2017

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In past few months the case of female harassment has started coming in light by the victims their self with bravery. It has a hope that indian women is being impowred, but there is a saying that “with great powers comes great responsibility”.

The rights and powers are like invisible weapons of society. One can use it for for defense or to harm someone. Though we are fighting with female harassment problem from a very long time but some happenings has caught attention worldwide in last few months.

These happenings has forced us all to look the things with a different perspective. Since the independent india has come in existence the men has carried an image of cruel, dominated, monstrous, anti feminist image in the society. These qualities has lead us to a mentality that a man could not be a victim of harassment or molestation and this reason has give a chance to the “evil” to play from the other side… it is hard to find the start of this terrible thing and for that one will surely have to digg deep in the history but i think delhi’s “NIRBHAYA CASE” was a turning point in the story. Which help to awake the indian women against the issue and raise their voice. It became an eye opner for the people and also for the government. As per NCRB Data 4641 fake cases was registered against men in 2014. Here are some incidents with flip – flop stories will swirl your head and make you think (if not twice, then one atleast) on the male molestation and harassment.

The Rohtak Sisters Case – we all know about the Rohtak sister’s who floaded social media with #RohtakSister hashtag in late November 2014. A video went viral on the internet showing two sisters, Pooja and Aarti from Kharkhauda, fighting three men on a moving Haryana Roadways bus near Rohtak,Haryana. Two man from the accused who had been selected in the army physical test were decline by the INDIAN ARMY.

Later another video of the sisters turn the story On 8 December, the girls offered to under go a narcoanalysis test to prove that their version of the events were true.

By this time, a third video had emerged which showed one of the accused being beaten by his father in a police station and being asked to apologise to the girls and another man came forward and claimed that he had been similarly accused of molestation. He had to pay ₹ 20,000 to have the charges dropped.

On 15 December 2014, the local court gave permission to the police to run polygraph tests on the two girls and the witnesses. On 7 January, one of accused was not allotted a roll number to appear in the written exams for the army recruitment. An official of the Amry Recruitment Office said that they cannot allow him to appear the exam, as the case was still under trial while he had already cleared the physical and medical tests.

August 2015, the police completed its investigation and filed the 200-pages chargesheet contained statements of 50 witnesses, and included the report of the lie-detector test. woman who shot the video and had allegedly said that no molestation had taken place and mobile phone was given to her by one of the girls. The ploygraph test of the accused boys was found to be credible.

Delhi Auto Driver molestation – A 32-year-old woman in Delhi has been arrested after an auto-rickshaw driver complained that she forcibly tried to have sex with him. Another Tanzsanian woman tried to film the act.

According to police, one of the two women hired the auto-rickshaw and wanted to go to Arjun Nagar, when she invited the driver to her flat on the pretext of paying him and try to molested him. The driver jumped from window, reached police station and filed the case against the woman. The accused woman was arrested.
Mumbai’s Shameless guy – In a morning on August 20. Mumbai police arrested a guy caught on camera allegedly masturbating at an American woman in broad daylight in Colaba. Maryanna Abdo claimed on Twitter that the guy masturbated at her when she was taking a morning walk in the area, and ran away when confronted.
The accused was booked under Section 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult modesty of a woman) of the IPC.

The guy was arrested by the police, later he got the bail. The other side of story is that he was coming back from his morning walk and there were no places to relieve himself, so he urinated between two parked cars, which is where the incident happened.

Mumbai’s Shameless Guy – The case came in light when mumbai resident foreigner Maryanna Abdo tweeted that a man performed “shamless” action on him in morning at colaba south mumbai. The girl tweeted the photo of guy. With no time the post went viral and caught the attention of MAHARASHTRA CMO. As the case was related to a foreigner state government and police took immediate action and caught the accused.

The accused said that he had nothing wrong. “I was on my way to home after morning walk. I couldn’t find a place to relieve my self so i urinate between two cars were park there – said the accused walking out on a bail from jail. So it might be a case of misunderstanding?

The Jusleen Kour Case –  Jasleen Kaur wrote in her Facebook post, which has seen over 36,000 shares, that the man started harassing her on road. She took the photo of the guy and his number plate and post them on FB after afer she filed the case. As always the post went viral and the guy was targeted on social media. The accused was arrested and booked under Sections 354A (punishment forsexual harassment) and 509 (word, gesture or act intendedto insult the modesty of a woman) of IPC.

I was on my motorcycle at a red light when Ms Jasleen asked me and a few others to stop. I told her that I have to take a left turn, so why do I need to stop? I’m not even jumping the red light. If you want to go ahead, you can. That is all I said. She then clicked a picture of me and my bike, and said I would realise when police will come to my place.” – Said the accused biker.

These cases indicates that men is not guilty all the time and force us to think about the  misuse of laws in one’s favor. We should always remember that not all men are dogs. MARD KO BHI DARD HOTA HE. Evil has no face & every story has three sides your’s… their…. and the truth. The crime has no gender and a one side judgement can not be a justice.

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