ISRO’s Brilliant Women Scientists Share How They Launched The Mangalyaan

Posted by Saswati Chatterjee in Sci-Tech, Video
February 22, 2017

“No country’s reached Mars in the very first attempt…”

If there is one feeling you come away with after watching this video, it’s awe. Awe at the sheer amount of hard work and dedication it must have taken to pull off something like the Mars Orbiter Mission (M.O.M). From the stage of conception to actually watching it successfully enter the Mars orbit, the journey is thrilling, especially with the palatable excitement of the scientists. Not to mention the nail-biting moment when it could have either overshot Mars (and the mission could have failed) or crashed on it.

But what made it doubly amazing? The women at the helm. Everyone remembers the famous picture of the female scientists celebrating, that went viral after the success of Mangalyaan. It struck every girl across the country: Hey, this could be me too. A tangible reminder that women have always made significant contributions to science.

And that reminder is something more than just amazing, it’s important. It gives women something to strive for, especially at a time when STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a heavily male-dominated field. The scientists at ISRO, who’re also narrating this video, have broken the illusion that only a select few careers are for women. And most importantly, they have set an example and broken barriers, proving that the stars are actually not a distant dream!