My Experience Of Trying Bhang

Posted by Monika Khanna
February 8, 2017

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Youngsters out of curiosity and exploring life as possibly new starts consuming products that hits them hard. It was the regular day of college after the class one of my friend took me out and gave me bhang I actually got glee and surrounded by enough of happiness I actually consumed that. I materialised the after effects, my elation took me to another level. The worse thing that has happen to me. It was such a bad trip I found myself decaying inside. I was in the car with friends hopefully all of them were so trust worthy that nothing bad happen to me. I experienced trauma, all my feelings were working all in one the ability to express myself got vanished. My feelings start scaring me. I was able to see the destruction before my eyes I was regretting it but was so bounded that I could do nothing. My friends drove me back to hostel I was quiet feeling dizziness. I slept for continuously 9 hours in the worse phase of my life. “The time got stuck and so me” The 2 balls of destruction left sadness, embarrassment and delirium in me.

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