Nationalism Is Not Hitlerism

Posted by Adarsh kumar
February 12, 2017

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Discussing about nationalism, intellectuals often make us believe that we will end up being a hitler if we follow nationalist approach. These self proclaimed intellectuals want us to perceive nationalism as they want. But youth today is quite smart and can pierce through their points. Problem is that their nationalism begins in GERMANY and ends up in ITALY.

According to me nationalism or rather idea of nationalism cannot be reduced to such reductive conclusions. Hence the word patriotism or nationalism cannot be corrupted by such analysis. These people need to ponder on why is it that youth today rejects their plea largely? Youth is still inspired by the word nationalism and sees it with great respect. As an indian patriot I cannot be brow beaten by their narrative. i would like to leave the rhetoric behind and give some hard facts which would establish my point.

Firstly as an Indian I dont take inspiration from hitler, because our country has produced some natioinalist giants which inspires us. Now wanting to set up a new narrative i would like to tell everyone that what inspires to be a nationalist is Mahatama Gandhi’s renouncement, what inspires me to be a nationalist is Vivekananda’s verses ,what inspires me to be a nationalist is Bhagat Singh’s inqualab, what inpires me is Lal Bahadur, Jay Prakash, Guru Golwalkar, and the list is endless. When Jay Prakash Narayan came back from USA, he was inspired by the teachings of marx. But after seeing communists in india not participating in freedom movement and using unpardonable words for Gandhi Ji, he never joined them. And was saddened by their activities. Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar had to do goveernment job under british india due to his financial conditions. But he kept on urging Gandhi Ji and others to get him some jobs,He feels burdened.  Makhanlal Chaturvedi even tauted him (dinkar ji) in his public speech in muzzafarpur that one who lives on britishers coin should not talk about nationalism in his poems. Dinkar was deeply saddened by this. At last he left the job. Coming to Rabindra Nath Tagore , who according to me is the best example of indian nationalism said that he would never let nationalism supersede humanism. At the same stroke he in his novels like GORA and GHARIE BAIRIE , strongly criticised british and his concern for his motherland was reflected in his writings.Who can forget Vinoba Bhave, who when appealed for land distribution ,one man gave acres of his land . This is the nationalism which inpires me as a student. I can go on and on. but i would only say that my nationalism teaches me to fight the evils of our society, as it inspired such great souls. My humble submission to all is don’t tar NATIONALISM with black. Let it inspire millions like me as it has done till now.

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