Nethaji subhash Chandra bose is a inspiration to fight against injustice

Posted by Subhash BJ
February 7, 2017

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Nethaji once said “I shall stand by the side of the millions of Indians and gave away my life for the cause of their emancipation. If the truth has any value, the people of this country would one day understand the feeling of my heart” this year also 23 January passed away almost silently. Have the people of india really understood the feeling g of his country? Could they give cognition to the value of truth?  This year Nethaji 120th birth anniversary simply went on. Before independence 23 January used to create so much respect, emotion, inspiration to the youths  were dreaming to became like a nethaji subhash Chandra Bose.even the big media was so busy that had no space to mention the occasion on that day.

. Most of the young generation did not know much about great uncompromising fighter Nethaji. In this article I just highlighted some issues which helpful to know about  nethaji more deeply..

In his early age one incident made him to think in a new direction. An old lady in rags used to beg alms in front of his residence. Her tattered clothes, sorrowful countenance pained subhash. By contrast I happened to be so well of. So fortunate to live in a three stored building when this miserable woman had hardly a roof over her head and practically no food or clothing. Thoughts like this made me revolt against the existing social system” remarked subhash in anguish. From then he saved the tram fare by walking down 3 miles to college and helped her. And then he served many cholera patients with his friends. And collecting all his experience and said “it opened a picture of the real India. The India of the villages where poverty stalks over the land, men die like flies and illiteracy is the prevailing order. Many such incidents made young subhash to conclude that mere social service cannot bring about a change.

Once subhash had led a strike earlier against prof Otten for manhandling the indian students, he was called for investigation. Just because he refused to condemn the students unconditionally, he was rusticated from the university! Nethaji faced this  first onslaught exemplarily. He later wrote about  this incident.  I was not sorry… I had rather a feeling of supreme satisfaction, of joy that I had stood up for my honor and self- respect and had made up my future career! Such was the mental make-op developing in the young bose then unknowingly he got connected with politics which changed his entire course of thinking. The idea that students shoud stay out of politics was preached cunningly by britishers then. Countering this, Subhash put the question to students squarely, “ if discussions about the current state of affairs be branded as politics, then neither for students nor for teachers is there any alternative but to join politics!. Similarly he fought the wrong notion that students should take studies as their only mission and build up lucrative, pompous carrier. The same rhetoric is being repeated, now too, from many learned people. But here is how Bose argued against this , appealing to the conscience of students ,. “How on earth can mere study of books or passing of examination be accepted as the mission of students ? They may occasionally lead students to gold medals or fat salaries, but never to complete man hood!

 To his mother he wrote “would you like to see rich with castles, couches and servants at our disposal or as persons regarded as true men by the destitute and poor? What a character.

To his surprise, he stood 4th rank in the Indian civil service examination. Such a career was then perceived as a life time achievement which very few Indians could attain.  A great turmoil now began in subhash when he had to decide whether to stick to his principles and dreams of fighting for an independent Indian or to take up civil service career. Finally Bose decided to resign from ICS and there by voluntarily join himself to the independent struggle. What else could personality like Bose choose when it was the question of dignity and manhood? he said I know how many hearts I have Grieved , how many superiors of mine I have disobeyed, but on the eve of this hazardous undertaking my only prayer is may it be for the good of my country..

As nethaji sacrificed his life for good society but what happened after independence.

But tragedy is after 70 years of independence India is suffering from many burning problems, corruption, 4000 children continue to die every day due to malnutrition, 60% women are anemic. Education and Health become completely commercialized; nearly more than 3 lacks farmers’ committed suicide from last 20 years (According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)).

1% of Indians own 58% of country’s wealth, whereas more than 70% of the population can afford to spend just 40 rupees a day. Still all governments are doing polices and tax subsidizing in the favor of richest capitalist class so called big-big businessmen. but not in the interest of common people. Just observe from last few year budgets government has doled out around 40lac cores in terms of tax benefits to the rich corporate houses. This is the ongoing melody drama in India.

In other side But today Ruling capitalist class and all political parties forget the Remembrance of all revolutionary freedom fighter including nethaji

The ploy of the ruling class and all the political parties is to take the memories great men of yester years, revolutionaries like nethaji and the immortal martyrs into the abyss of oblivion, inundate and the students and youths in the field stream of liquor-gambling-blue-film-pornography so that they turn out to be neither human beings nor animals but creatures having a human body but bereft of human essence. So kidnaping, rape, mass rape, and murder have become daily, if not hourly, affair. Even the girl children and old women are not spared. So, alongside the horrid spectacle of appalling poverty, air is rent with the wails of the tortured and raped woman while the insane frenzied rogues are running amuck. Did such a horrific ugly scenario of independent India ever featured even in the worst of nightmares of the brave fighters of our freedom movement?

. Later nethaji said “ In my  younger age I considered that my foremost duty was to drive the British out. But later I could understand by thinking deeply that my duty would not be over by driving away the Britishers only. Another revolution would be necessary to establish a new social system in india”. New society mean there is no exploitation and society must be free from all burning problems. But nethaji dream not come true..

Nethaji subhash Chandra bose life struggle and his thoughts, courage, uncompromising fighting spirit will inspired to students and youths to fight against injustice and to build new civilized society.


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