Nothing Is Impossible

February 12, 2017

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“Nothing is impossible in the world – even the word impossible say I’m possible”. This is most famous quotation that we ever hear or read. Impossible is an opinion rather than a fact. It depends on us if we actually want to prove it true. It’s a matter of personal choice rather than fate or divine will.

It banks on to what extent we couldpush our boundaries. Now, here we are talking about the possibilities to make so called impossible possible, so we cannot stop anywhere we wish to. We can only stop when our desired goal is achieved. Simple but true- we get what we earnestly wish for. But if things still look impossible, then it is because we lack that passionate desire. The best thing in this journey is that you make friends with hardships and misfortune. Come what may, you have to move ahead undeterred.

Most often we succumb to the fear that a particular ambition is beyond the orbit of our accomplishment. Such fear and apprehensions, push us back before we have even taken the very first step. That is why it is said ‘a coward dies many times before his death’. These philosophical words have implicit practical meaning.

Time and again we, especially students like us, waste so much of our time in ruminating with a text book open in front of us.It seems the same wall, the windows, the fan have gained new beauty and attraction. Ironically, when we read hefty novels, the world beyond the book loses its charm. Why does this happen? The sole answer which I stumbled upon lies inbrewing interest and desire.

A little self-motivation actually helps in cultivating this interest and desire to read even the textbooks. Wise thing to do is not to postpone the idea of reading but start it without any further delay. The English poet, Ted Hughes drew comparison that tigers are quick to pounce on their prey while we on the other hand lack the ‘killer instinct’. True indeed!

No journey is cozy. But this uneasiness is the essence that we should learn to adapt and enjoy. We often complain that dream of mine is next to impossible, I can’t make it real. This is just the hesitant and unwilling attitude towards that dream.

On the contrary there are those who stay focused and unperturbed by pits and falls. Winning the goal is not the true achievement. It is when they look back then only they realize the true meaning of their achievement.

To achieve that one thing which we earnestly desire for, we try every possible way. See for instance, a teenage lover will try all the possible tricks for not losing his/her crush. Similarly,we should also make our goal or target the thing that we desire the most. Even an illiterate person quickly learns to handle a mobile phone with the latest technology applications in just a few days. The simple answer behind this possibility is ‘desire’.

Sometimes people start following shortcuts and unfair means in order to fulfill their dreams. We should not look for shortcuts but look for the right path and follow it. The moment you look for shortcuts you lose the beauty of the real path.

Of course there are shortcuts, but wherever there is shortcut the destination is also near. Remember the proverb “Rome was not built in a day”. Do not worry if it takes time to reach your goal. “Patience is virtue”. Always remember that only those who stick to their goal and never turn back are the ones who truly prove that “nothing is impossible”. My father always says, “Whenever you feel like you are losing hope just say it to yourself that I CAN & I WILL and start with more determination and zeal”.

Moreover, what is really important is ‘get ready’ than just to say “nothing is impossible”. Do not let your positive attitude get crushed under failures and misfortunes because what we need is the focus on aim. Leave the comfort zone, welcome hardships, do not waste time and JUST DO IT.

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