Obstacles: A Proud Element

Posted by Santosh Pandey
February 25, 2017

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Question: You are looking different, why?

Answer: No, I am always like this.

Question: Are you in love?

Answer: Who said you!!?……..May be!!

Question: Then what’s the reason behind the facial difference ?.

Answer:  Only a smile…………..!

Reason was not answered, as it needs a thorough mind with a portfolio of analysis and experience over it is required. But it can be expressed in a single line. Answer in single line is love or romance with obstacles.

Question: One of my mentor during my MBA admission time asked me, what is romance…..?

Answer: I said her Romance is a bouquet of kindness, politeness and caringness which is bounded by the world of Imagination.

Question: Then define love?

Answer: According to me love has no definition……..it means meeting or approachment of souls.

Question: Now a question arises i.e. what are Obstacles?

Answer for this is as follows:

It’s an element of our life which restricts us in performing or leading the impasse of our life, to which we hate, most of the time.

Question: But why we hate them?

Answer: Because they micromanage in the passage. So, the happiness for whom we google gets bogged. As we always want to be happy and welcome everything which brings happiness to our life. Same as we love sugar which makes our tongue dribble and hate charantish juice even after knowing there advantages and disadvantages. When an obstacle comes we move back or stop performing. This shows nothing but a coward characteristic just like our response towards rain in summer and winter.

Question: Then how it should be tackled and defended?

Answer: There is only and only one way and one option for this i.e. LOVE.

LOVE yourself.

LOVE others.

LOVE everyone.

By loving the mentioned pronouns an ambience of urge to acceptance will evolve in an individual’s attire.

In the journey we come across numerous obstacles. These are sometime caused by ourself or others because of which we either start hating ourself or others. Which finally result in failure with disaster as an add up elements. If instead of hating, we start loving the obstacle then the obstacle will itself show us the way to come out of it.

Question: Then how its a Proud element?

Answer: loving an obstacle is not a cup of tea, it needs something which has dare to think beyond the benchmark. And those who think beyond or dare to do beyond it are the one with a basket filled with influence and intellect etc. So, obstacle is not only a hurdle but a proud element too, as it makes us to be out of the box.

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