Post Interview Follow Up Email Templates

Posted by Palash Bagchi
February 20, 2017

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follow up email after interview

One thing many of us forget is to send a follow up email after interview.

Here are a few cases of the best and most imaginative follow-up email after a job interview. You can utilize these layouts or get enlivened and compose your own particular email. Take note of the uncommon accentuation given for Subject lines and email body.

You had your meeting and the way it completed left you sprightly. By and by comes what is much of the time the most anguishing some portion of the occupation pursue: sitting tight for the enrolling chief to call. Nonetheless, regardless of all that you have some control over the method.

Make an effort not to push a ton about whether you’re meeting thank-you letter is informed or deciphered. The most basic thing is to send it.

Notwithstanding the likelihood that you think you have it dealt with, there are people who expect that letter. The kind of note to send depends on upon the situation.

Perhaps you feel that you didn’t make the best impression in the meeting. The follow-up is your chance to recover.

Subject Line Alternatives

Always remember to address the person in the Subject Line itself. Don’t appear to flattering. Don’t be upfront to ask about your employment.


  • {{First_Name }}, Thank you for your time
  • I was motivated {First_Name }},
  • {{First_Name }}, Overwhelmed with {{Company}} Culture
  • Hi {{First_Name }}, Seek your further guidance

Email *@ Body

Keep the email body short and sweet. Demonstrate that you have done your research. Don’t forget some appreciation for the person. Ideally, like some company posts on Linkedin and Twitter. Do not delay your follow up email to more than a day. Do not use short language.


Hi {{First Name }},

I am so glad that we met today/yesterday and spent 30 minutes of your quality time. Post meeting you, I was so impressed by {{Company}}’s achievements that I started reading more on the internet. I was especially fond of this article which I found on Linkedin [Article Headline with embedded link], which gave me a clear idea about the company’s approach towards the market.

Surprisingly I also found a couple of your posts which were very energetic [use appropriate adjective].

Now I am even more inclined to be part of the team and looking forward to a better life and career experience.

{{Your Name}}

Fields marked within {{brackets}} can be dynamically inserted from your Retainly platform.

In a perfect world, the organization will watch and react to your email or letter to mastermind a minute meet – or by a wide margin unrivaled – offer you the occupation. If you haven’t heard over from the utilizing manager, it is sufficient to get up to speed with a meeting through a phone call, nonetheless, promise you hold up two or three days. It is never fitting to call step by step or week after week for a decision.

Recall that: it is deficient just to be possessed with an occupation, you ought to exhibit that you are fascinated and anxious to join-not over ardent.

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