Real Men?

Posted by Janhvi Mishra
February 21, 2017

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What’s more important than being a ‘Real man‘ is to be Real human. These days we often come across a phrase-“Real men don’t rape; but if you ask me, I would say real men do not fake.

I want to know, why these ‘Real men‘ think, I cannot be better off being alone? I don’t need your respect; I can respect myself. I don’t need you to offer me your seat; I can gladly stand on my own feet. I don’t need you to pay my bills; I can support my expenditures. I don’t need you to say ‘ladies first’; I am better off doing struggle. I don’t need your surname; I can make my own identity. I don’t need your hand; I have ‘ME’ with myself.

Now, many would tag me as feminist, But no, I don’t need to be. I am just ‘me’, a real lady, and please just let me be. I don’t want you to treat me any differently, I am just a human being. If you can, just treat me as you would treat yourself; Nothing more and nothing less.

I will never ask or demand equality because I know we all are human race and we all are just same. And demanding equality in front of ‘real men’, I may myself prove that I am below any individual. I will never fight for women empowerment because we were born strong and empowered and so, we don’t need anyone else’s help to make us strong.

I know now few would say, it’s only good in theories that we girls do need security, but I don’t. I know how to fight my way out, I don’t need any male companion along. I am strong enough to play with fire, even though I may get burn in the process but I will never back down because this is, how I am. I prefer to die in forest hunting rather than playing tricks in the circus under someone’s security.

I know a few years from now I’ll have kids, but my upbringing will never be the same as yours ever will. I won’t teach my son to respect women, rather I will teach to respect every human. I won’t teach my daughter that she needs to be respected by anyone else, rather I would teach her to respect herself. I won’t teach my daughter that she needs security, rather I would teach her that she is her own guardian angel and she has only ‘SHE’ with herself. I will never teach my daughter to adjust, rather I will teach her to fight her ways out even though in the process she might get hurt. I will just not teach my son that he is stronger and he needs to protect others, rather I would teach my kids that they both have their strength and weaknesses and they should learn to protect themselves.

This is me. and if I don’t fit in your society then let it be. I was not born to please you, I was born to make myself proud. And just so you know, no matter what comes my way; no matter if I have to fight against many; no matter how badly you want me to bow down. I will always fight, each time- every time, till my last breath. Because in the end, we all have our battles to fight, and just like a true warrior, I will fight till the last drop of my blood and will surely win mine.

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