Real Value And Need Of “afspa”

Posted by Sufiyan Bhat
February 20, 2017

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Like every resistance movement, like the resistance in Kashmir began non-violently but what happens when the institutions of constitutional measures and non- violent means are overlooked ignored humiliated and crushed from under ? Yes naturally and helplessly and inevitably people resort to violence, a violence that is very contrary of beauty and imagination, a violence that is suicidal, a violence that’s both catastrophic and genocidal, a violence that inevitably victimized its own people [ and especially women ] violence that marginalizes women and other minorities. This violent resistance movement against the oppression and subjugation that’s both illegal and cruel has also to be crushed like all the other resistant movement has been done. But this time you really need some extraordinary like the extraordinary phrase “iron cuts iron”, so need of another violence AFSPA comes to exist and has to be invoked. Before revoking AFSPA you should be 200% sure that every voice is being crushed every opinion is changed by fear and every dream is changed into nightmare. Otherwise if you revoke AFSPA the fear and open the chains, when you have really filled their heart with anger, hopelessness blindness of revenge and yet not given their right nor even listed their opinion. Naturally they are going to take every every measure and again catastrophic step. So you very need AFSPA for ,maintaining the position, no matter right or wrong, no matter if people don’t like it.

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