Sex Is Stereotyped In India

Posted by Akhilesh Nagari
February 7, 2017

Sex has always been a taboo, especially in India. It is the rarest thing to find someone talking freely about sex without any stereotypes attached to it.

Literature in today’s world has played a major role in clearing out such stereotypes and baseless prejudices against sex. “Deliberate Sinner“, a book by Bhavana Arora talks about sexual bliss and raises some imperative issues such as how it plays an inevitable role in building up and maintaining a relationship and how if the sex is not good in a relationship, it leads to the destruction of that particular relation.

There are different ways of having sex such as romantic sex, BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission, and Masochism), professional sex (sex worker), etc. But people always find it somewhat difficult to interact freely with each other in the context of the subject. However, it’s not the people but the atmosphere that they have been brought up in, the stereotypes they have been fed since childhood and a lot of other factors which make them what they are. They condemn women’s engagement in premarital sex but at the same time boast about their own performance in.

As beautifully depicted in Jane Austen’s “Emma”, a character name Mr. Woodhouse is aged and usually is represented as an eccentric and hypochondriac and such people stand at a risk of not being considered for sexual encounter.

We are a country that supports stereotypes, blind beliefs, and assumptions. We as a country ban documentaries like India’s daughter because it rationally raises questions against the raping women in the garb of teaching her a lesson. At last, I just want to know, where is our society heading?