Sex Is A Vital Process. There Is Nothing To Taboo

Posted by Arpita Gupta
February 14, 2017

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Before writing my article, I would like to ask my readers some questions. Have you ever felt curious for knowing about sex? If yes, were parents the source of information? Or it was some other medium?

The reason I asked these questions was to establish the silence about sex that prevails in our minds. I remember when I was in 10th, there was a girl sitting next to me in the bus. She asked me what I was reading. I told her that I was reading a chapter on animal reproduction. She asked me if it contained human reproduction as well. I said yes. Then she asked me to explain it to her. I said that your parents would better explain all this. She was like my parents won’t. So I started explaining it to her in a scientific way, the way in which it should be taken. Then she asked how does the sperm meet the egg. I answered by copulation. She asked me what is it. Our Science books give the term copulation but doesn’t tell us what is it. The sex education that CBSE gives is extremely vague and improper. Resuming with the story, I did tell her what is it. But then she asked me what is rape? I told her in the most decent way. I personally got to know about masturbation when I was 19 and the taboos that surround it are nonsense. In the time where child sexual abuse cases are happening at a large number, aren’t we doing our children wrong by not telling them about good touch and bad touch? We need to impart a proper knowledge about reproductive system and its health to children as soon as they hit puberty. Knowledge of good and bad touch and private parts need to be imparted at a young age so that our children can sense something wrong as soon as someone touches them. I really don’t understand the ‘Haww’ factor attached with sex. Nobody here is born by photosynthesis, it is sex because of which we all are born.

Another thing which I feel is the taboo on homosexuality. Homosexuality is just a sexual orientation and you can’t judge whether a person is right or wrong just on the basis of it. It is natural and scientific.

Lastly I just want to say that sex is a vital process for the sustenance of the human species and making it a taboo won’t help and rather complicate the problem. So come out and break the taboo talking about sex.

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