Wife Of A Martyred Army Officer Explains How Her Battle Continues

Posted by Harsh Vardhan Singh in Society, Video
February 13, 2017

Mrs. Shivani Vats, an army kid who understood the army life, was a silent soldier, always standing by her husband and giving him the strength to go ahead with his duty. She is also a mother and a teacher, helping shape futures. “Virtue of Courage” is her story of how she lost it all and how she rose up to the challenge.

“Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage” is a web-series by Paper Weight Entertainment, inspired by the lives that soldiers and their families live. The series highlights what makes them stand out and what gives them the courage to keep on living even after the harsh situations they go through, during their service for the country. It also focuses on how soldiers who join the armed forces at a very young age, grow and imbibe certain principles in their lives that set them apart from others.


Image Source : You Tube