She Wanted Everything

Posted by Anushka Nischal
February 17, 2017

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I had a classmate. she had come from a typical UP village. She always used be good to me when we used to talk. Being brought up in metropolitan city I did have trouble understanding her Hindi. She did not speak English too well while our course was purely in English as all the books published were of American author. She would try to show that she knew English very well while it was the opposite. That said not stop me from being her friend. As always she would be sweet to me. Slowly I realised that she wanted everything but was not ready to pay the price for it. Like if ever we would go out to have food she would never pay but almost everyday she would want to eat out. Sometimes that irritated me but dicided to dodge every time she would want to eat out. My parents are in a good company and in a senior position. They were capable of making my internship in the company. After my second year I wanted to do my internship so had applied for it. She even requested me to ask if she could do it with my with my parents help I did that for her. As soon as her confirmation letter came her behaviour took a u turn. She would always be rude and always fight even if I did not reply. That started to annoy me. She started dictating over me. Slowly I started to stay away from her knowing that if I stay with her something might go wrong. During the internship  one fine day in office she hit be because I refused to give her my hard-disk. I complained to senior authority about it and she was removed from the internship. I thought that would be the end of our communication. As soon as our college started I realised that she again is trying to be sweet to me. Her behaviour would change if I would refuse something. One day I received a call from her brother asking me of she is with me because she had not answered her phone for  one day neither was  she calling back I said she must be busy as I was not in touch. His brother asked me to look up for her. I asked if if everything was okay. He then told me that she was mentally ill and had a tendency to commit suicide if she did not get what she wanted. I told him I have no idea where she lives but can find out about it and can send someone to look out. I asked one of my classmates to go to her room where she was living to find out about her. About 2 days later it was. Found that she had committed suicide because her boyfriend had left her sometimes I wish I would have been kinder to her. I hope wherever she is she must be happy and blessed

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