Sorroundings influences Thinking

Posted by Madhuban Pandey
February 9, 2017

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“Know me for my abilities, not my disability.” » Seema says

There were various paintings painted by the physically challenged students. XLRI students has facilitated the painting process to help the challenged students financially and mentally.

See the painting. What it reflects? Different people will have different perspectives, for some people might be just a painting. Ask the painter, they bring their emotions in a piece of a paper to paint some issues. Ms. Seema does the same, took the brush and painted whatever was in her mind.

Folded and tighten hand, tight lipped, injured, scattered, fear of something is what is the first general reactions to the painting. Just think what would have in Seema’s mind, her feeling, thinking while she was drawing it.

It’s the reality for the majority for the girls and women in the country, handful of urban people has changed their mindset a bit but around 75% of the population are still trying to figure out the what and how. Only few percentages of Indian population has changed their mindset but we have long way to go to change the mindset of our own country men and women. Education must play an important role in it and it’s the responsibility of every educated men and women to provide an opportunity to every female child to learn and grow.

Our girls and women has made us proud on various platforms. For me the real empowerment comes if we will allow them to take risks, involve them in decision making process, give them an opportunity to excel, speak, express etc. Give them an environment where they can imagine their self-respect. They need men to help them to grow, support them when they are in need and they will make us proud. Let us try to make them learn a skill so that they earn their livelihood and contribute to the family’s economic development and well-being. If they will learn then only they will earn. Add the L before the word earn, to know what it becomes…L(earn) right.

Economic empowerment is the real empowerment. People used to say, man feels empowered if he has the money and women feels empowered if he has his man- old saying. If you will link money with women then you can see the real empowerment of the society. The Bharat will change and India will grow for sure.

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