Stereotyping Of Lgbt Community

Posted by Shraddha Bareja
February 24, 2017

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Though India is the country which gave ‘kamasutra’ to the world, ironically sex is a taboo here and it is not preferred to talk about it openly. Then there are some absolutely normal exceptions like LGBT community which are looked down upon and its existence is being accused as influence of western society or treated as some kind of abnormality. As some or maybe many people regard this as unethical or against the laws of nature not knowing that this is biological and not any crime.

As it is believed that media is the mirror of society and holds great power to mould the thinking of the masses, our bollywood which reaches to general people of every sector fails to portray LGBT in a sensible way. Bollywood has mastered the art of entertaining the world but has done major harm to the LGBT community. There are many instances where movie makers have included a ‘different’ character just to laugh upon.

Mostly there is seen a gay vagabond who has absolutely nothing to do except to hit on random macho man.  A gay or a lesbian is called by other people as “ vo uss type key h”.  in every film they have same tone, wears flowery shirts and are ‘obviously over sexed’ who keeps on repeating some double meaning jokes.

There are some movies which have tried show the realistic picture but mostly there is an alienation of the LGBT community and never have they been portrayed as normal people leading their life their way. Parents reaction on their child’s revelation will lead to some drastic reactions like “ nahi mera beta aisa nai ho skta” or “ hum to kisi ko muh dikhane k layak nai rahe”. The existence of some beings is used as a comic relief which paradoxically is just stressful, shameful and nothing else.

One great example of what is going wrong in bollywood is ‘Dhishoom’ in which a cameo of Akshay Kumar was highly applauded because of his guts to play a gay man…………but but but his character once again was not any normal type but an aroused, fashion loving and user of men type. And on the other hand Manoj Bajpayee’s role was critically appreciated but was not acknowledge by many.

Indian cenima is misguided which apparently shows the mindsets of people who are not ready to accept their fellow human being and communities like LGBT are secluded from the society even some people claim to cure homosexuality as it is a disease. Where people forget their own history as in our epics like ‘Mahabharta’ and ‘Ramayana’ homosexuality and transpersons holds places and not only just places but respectable positons.

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